Deep Dark (2015)

Director: Michael Medaglia
Starring: Sean McGrath, Anne Sorce, Denise Poirier .USA. 1h 19m

I’m starting to get a feel for Uncork’d Entertainment, they champion the lower budget productions but there is a certain je ne sai qoui, a little element of the risque within each of them, the first one that caught my eye was the romp in the woods with a oily pagan deity in Clawed it was labored at times but provided an interesting viewpoint, the last gem was Dead by Dawn (2020) set in a holiday home in the wilderness, but with a very different cabin siege feel about it, however not as many axe wielding psycho’s as the cover may have suggest, it remains an original story blended with some talent however the effects budget was really spared, but I found a lot of charm in the vicious cabin in the woods thriller. But each movie seems to have an edge of brilliance but without a lavish budget to back it, however they remain really watchable and I’m thrilled to see the numbers growing. Continue reading Deep Dark (2015)

The Haunting In Connecticut Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

Director: Tom Elkins
Starring: Abigail Spencer, Chad Michael Murray, Katee Sackhoff., Cicely Tyson. USA. 1h 40m

Originally this movie had nothing to do with the original Haunting In Connecticut and it really shows! Sadly Gold Circle, the studio behind both movies, decided to try and capitalize on the success of the first movie by bolting this on under the same title, the only connection is that both movies deal with “real life” hauntings. Continue reading The Haunting In Connecticut Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

Devils Diary (2007) TV

Director: Farhad Mann.
Starring. Alexz Jonson, Miriam McDonald, Deana Casaluce, Magda Apanowicz USA. 1h 30m.

Starting out with a gothic feel, in a graveyard a couple of teenage girls Dominique and Ursula, set out to perform a spell but it turns out to be a punk’d style prank. While leaving the site a lightning bolt strikes a grave and a strange book is left in the shadow of a tombstone, each girl picks it up but only one is drawn to Ursula and thus the fight of good and evil ensues and a wonderful friendship is challenged Continue reading Devils Diary (2007) TV

Short Movie Roundup 13 September 2020


A beautiful short by Kibwe Tavares starring Daniel Kaluuya who most will know from Get Out. In this tantalizing short he’s a street kid who accidentally discovers a giant fish while out trying to make his fortune with his best friend. A simple lucky shot on their camera with the amazing giant jumping fish cements his fame and fortune and his small town transforms form the increased tourism, turning his little fishing town into a Neo Africa.

The film follows the rise and fall of both man and town, as the fish had never been seen again, now aged our young hero, now along and long forgotten as the man who spotted the biggest catch, shuffled through the ruins he heads out to sea and that’s when the storytelling begins to overtake the dramatic visuals.

There’s a meld of time and success, love and regret all mixed into the ending, the fish seems to be more of a symbol than a fine catch, but I think it’s fluid enough to allow viewers to make up their own minds about what it represents for them.

Post Mortem Mary

A young girl and her poorly mother travel around doing their best for the dead by making them up to take their final photograph. While on their latest job, everything is left up to tiny Mary to make the most of a bad situation and overcome her fear of the dead as she has to pose a young girl her age for her photo, but strange things happen in the shed while she’s alone with the dead.

Joshua Long‘s movie is beautifully set and has a haunting soundtrack and sly effects really help edge the fear along step by step through a truly harrowing misadventure. Definitely enough to put anyone off postpartum photography in a skeleton key styled short.

Smiling Woman

This movie got me from the preview alone, it reminded me of a episode of Yami Shibai. A traveller is alone at a train station when she’s terrorised by a strange smiling woman. Fair warning that the audio is over the top and will deafen you if you’re using headphones.

Alex Magaña, really made the most of Ariel Fullinwider big wide smile in this short and a few camera tricks to give her jerky walk to add in that extra layer of Japanese Horror girl.

The Stylist

Body horror is rife in this short horror, not so strangely about a stylist who takes on a last minute job at the end of the day, a prominent woman wants to make a good impression and look beautiful for a lavish dinner. Her stylist has other ideas after the wine is poured, things take a sinister turn.

Camera work and sound are really pushed to the limits, every scene is perfectly lit and the camera swoons around it’s characters, in the key bloodiest scene the sounds make it seem to much more alive and … moist. A super cool effort from Jill Gervargizian, as she tells this morbin tale of a stylist who just wants to look as good as her customers.

The ending sees a pretty broken woman, not someone who is merely psychotic but someone who just wants to be pretty…. chilling stuff.

The Neighbors’ Window

Award winning short movie from Marshall Curry. A couple can’t but help notice their neighbours through their brightly lit window, nigth and day the estranged couple across the road seem to live the ultimate life, dance parties and lots of naked sex with the lights on. Soon they are arguing about how their lives are so much less exciting and attractive but soon come together over their shared obsession and over time begin to re live their younger years through their voyeurism.

After noticing things slowly change with the couple there’s a sudden change which affects both couples and prompt them to talk for the first time.

It’s incredibly moving and a really beautiful movie which will make you realise that everyone is going through their own battles and we are all only human.

I’m attempting to split the Youtube and Short movies stuff up, so the next few items are YouTube pieces rather than creative arts per say.

SCP1459 – The Volgun

Another brilliant SCP from the Volgum, possibly a few to catch up on this week, not getting notifications doesn’t help 😦 This SCP is about a claw machine with a cruel sense of humor and it insists on producing puppies and demanding that users give a method of killing the pup to get a cookie.. It’s similar to the Ice Cream van from the early days, but as always produced with lots of attention and a bit of dark humor!

SCP1498 – The Volgun

Another lively piece from the Volgun, this SCP reminds me a lot of the Ice Cream van as well, it features a bunch of “synthetic”sheep which you can use to dial in a dream, it sounds great until things get out of the hand of the user..

The Chilling rim of the Ripper Crew – Chicago’s Satanic Cannibal Cult – The Shrouded Hand

I’ve done a lot of study into true crime over the years but I had someone missed this group of sadistic weirdos, they have a tendency to cut open women’s breast and masturbate in the wound before getting really twisted (if that wasn’t twisted enough) Check out this brilliant informative insight

Ten Creepy Cursed and Haunted Paintings – The Shrouded Hand

I seem to be doing everything in pairs today but this came up and highlighted a few new paintings that I wasn’t aware were haunted including the work of my all time favourite painter.. his work is creepy but I’ve NEVER heard of it being haunted before… maybe something they would have mentioned in the very detailed move of his life and death The Last Family…

Dreams of Dali 360 Video

There isn’t much to say about this gem, jump into the surreal landscape generated from some of Dali’s more popular paintings.. I wonder when we’ll get a feature length movie in this 360 style.. The next frontier..

Thank me later..

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


Host (2020)

Director: Rob Savage
Starring: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova, Caroline Ward, Teddy Linard, Seylan Baxter. UK. 58m

There’s been a long hate trail behind the found footage genre and each new title had to content with being compared with The Blair Witch (1999) and while I defend the experimental movies there are a few which are really hard to defend *cough* Moth *cough* but what i absolutely love about this short exhilarating horror is just how it gets about it’s job and doesn’t care what you think. Continue reading Host (2020)

Wedding Palaver (2020)

Director: Adim C Williams
Starring. Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Frederick Leonard, Chinenye Uba, Sam Obiago, Jennifer Cooper, Praise Gladson, Tracey Edwin, Adim Williams. Nigeria. 4h +.

A wedding can be the most important day of anyone’s life, usually the highly planned and well organised day can be stressful but after years of being happily married it’s worth it, however everything is upside down about this traumatic run up to this less than perfect couples wedding.

The surprising thing about the Wedding Palaver is that it starts with a hurt girlfriend leaving her jealous and over bearing boyfriend played by Frederick Leonard, he’s controlling, rude and doesn’t apologise for belittling his lover when assuming she’s cheating on him when in fact she’s out visiting her cousin, the hurt girl pleads for mercy then realising that he’ll never change, she leaves. Continue reading Wedding Palaver (2020)

The Landlord (1970)

Director: Hal Ashby.
Starring. Beau Bridges, Diana Sands, Pearl Bailey, Walker Brooke, Lee Grant, Louis Gossett Jr. Marki Bey USA. 1h 52m.

When a director makes his debut there’s a strong possibility that they are aiming to make the biggest impact of their career and I believe Hal Ashby did just that with his cultural clash comedy drama that insists that we all look within and think without prejudice as we grow as people, which is what happens to his privileged and naive lead, Elgar (Bridges) as he “runs away” from and attempts to become a landlord. Continue reading The Landlord (1970)

Short Movie Roundup 6 September 2020

A ton of cover at work and crippling back pain has kept me from presenting a decent list this week, but I managed to watch the Tiger King, so that’s something.. Right?

Reaping Asmodeia: Of Talons and Teeth

I’m chucking this into the mix, it’s a music video but it’s from the amazing director Anthony Cousins who made one of my all time favourite shorts, When Susurrus Stirs. and he also made the following short… Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 6 September 2020

Fido (2006)

Director: Andrew Currie.
Starring. K’sun Ray, Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson, Dylan Baker. Canada. 1h 33m.

For a while the Zombie revival was starting to get rather annoying, every Tom Dick and Harry were making a Zombie Vs [Insert Ludacris foe here] movie and for me it got to the level of almost being insulting to the craft of filmmaking. But every now and again somebody take the initiative to have a solid narrative before filming and thus we have Fido, for me one of the most unusual and genuinely funny comedy horrors for some time. Continue reading Fido (2006)

My Wife My Life (2020)

Director: Ugezu J Ugezu
Starring:Frederick Leonard, Queeneth Hilbert, Tana Egbo Adelana, Chinyere Wilfred, Ugo Spunky Obioha. .Nigeria. 4h +

Frederick Leonard stars as a man who has it all, and this puts him in the front running and he’s hit on daily by many beautiful women, but he’s an honourable man and only has eyes for his darling wife Cindy (Adelana).

His overbearing mother is intent on ending his marriage and for him to marry a girl that she chooses, seeing the current union as going against her will and therefore null and void, she spends her waking hours, actively running schemes behind their backs to shroud their marriage in doubt and fear, and doesn’t think twice about telling Cindy that she would like to see her dead… charming! Continue reading My Wife My Life (2020)

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