Movies I’m looking for

There are a lot of movies I only have on video or remember seeing one night on TV without knowing what I was watching and need some help locating. If you have them for sale or can help me locate them then please let me know.

This list will GROW …

  • Unknown – British(?) prison movie, one inmate smears his schite all over the walls then blood, another more placid inmate with long brown dreads turns from a gentle painter to guard stabber, main character released at the end… any ideas? 
  • A desert film featuring a group of young people out to have some fun who encounter a strange black car that threatens and starts killing and torturing them, Mirage
  • Detective movie, probably Croatian, main detective wears bright coloured zoot suits which change colours in each scene
  • Film where a man is trying to commit suicide but everything fails, he attempts to gas himself but the gas company is on strike, he tries to hang himself but the rope snaps etc – I Hired a Contract Killer
  • Unknown animation – possibly on Animation on 4 and possibly early 90’s but can’t be totally sure. The first half is like pastel coloured people repeating leisure tasks, a man plays golf and a women dives into a pool, in a bright montage kinda David Hornkey style art, then in stark contrast a being in another dimension in a world all black and white, similar to the artwork of Ian Miller, all scratchy peers into this lavish world and attempts to break through, i remember there was a loud buzzing of flies in this darker reality.. any ideas?

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