2000 AD On the Big Screen

I used to read 2000AD and Judge Dread Magazine for most of my teenage life. I have a huge pile of comics that I flick through from time to time. Sadly not a lot of  my old time classics made it to the big screen and there were a lot worthy of it. Check out the post 2000AD strips that should make it on the big screen.

To date there have only been three film adaptations and only based on one strip and one other character, they are …

  • Hardware (1990)
  • Judge Dredd (1995)
  • Dredd (2012)

Sad isn’t it.. Well not entirely, lets recap.

Hardware (1990)

Hardware happens to be in my top films of all time. It is based on a 1981 comic strip from 2000 AD called SHOK. Initially slated by the press it did manage to grow a cult following.  It really is the showcase of what the future movement meant to a lot of us teens and young people in the 90’s, it’s got android body parts, machines, a crazy radio host, a bleak future that the hippies warned about, no children, radiation and big guns.  The movie also has a GREAT soundtrack including Minsitry, PIL and some of Simon Boswell’s best work. This is also one of those movies where a lot of musicians played a part,  quite literally and all from a then thriving alternative scene. Such people inclucded Carl MacCoy (Fields of the Nephilim), Lemmy  (Motorhead) and Iggy Pop as the excitable radio host Angry Bob!!!

Judge Dredd (1995)

I was so psyched when I read in 200AD that the Dredd movie was on the make! There had been rumors for so long and with a low comic to movie history, I felt that maybe there was a change for a good film for me to sneek into the cinema to watch.
Then bit by bit information was released about the film including Stallone being Dredd, I was a little shocked but I couldn’t think of anyone else who could play the part. Then I watched the movie, cried a little, it was nice to see mega city 1 and Ian Dury, then took my posters down.. I couldn’t believe it..he took off his helmet! How fucking dare he!

It was nice to know that a local family bike shop had made the vehicles for the movie, and it was brilliant that they killed off some of the immortal characters I had spent years reading about.. and humm.. I’m still a little traumatized by it all.

Now the final installment..  Dredd 3D (enough of the 3D please) it’s just Dredd (2012)

I can’t say much about this as I haven’t actually watched it yet, I don’t actually get a chance to see everything NEW OUT all the time. I’ll explain later..

But if Karl Urban could re do the scene where Dredd fights off the Angel Gang with his law book and back brush while totally naked (apart from the helmet) I might go and rent it now…

Progressively the 2000AD comic to movies have been going down hill for me, Ill have to give a full recap when I’ve watched the final movie but in the mean time there will be more info on what I’d like to see make it to the big screen.


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