Viy (1967)


(Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, 1967) (12) D: Konstantin Ershov W: Nikolai Gogol C: Leonid Kuravlyov. 1h 17m. Russia/Ukraine.

A young priest is ordered to preside over the wake of witch in a small old wooden church of a remote village. This means spending three nights alone with the corpse with only his faith to protect him

viy or spirit of evilI wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie, initially I used to think Russian/Ukraine movies were all a little lo budget and crappy.. Alas I grew up and started watching more movies, realised that what I had seen in the past were critically acclaimed movies and not the stranger stuff that I appreciate and low and behold every country suddenly has an underground current of movies that entertain me… sorry I’m loosing myself here.. Viy (1967) is a lush vibrant gothic horror story. T: It’s based on a book by Nikolai Gogol.

You can read a summary here on the wiki ( and the artist Natalie Shau did a gorgeous photo manipulation that you can see here ( The story had captured many other artists over the years and there is no wonder why, the story is very visual and fascinating. Continue reading Viy (1967)

Joyeux Noel (2005)

Joyeux Noel – (War, Drama, Historical, Music, 2005) (12) D/W: Christian Carion C: Benno Furmann, Diane Kruger, Ian Richardson . 1h 56m. France.

On christmas eve during WWI the Germans, French and Scottish fraternise and get to know the men who are on the opposite side of a brutal war, in what became a true lesson of humanity.


This was a poignant insight into a true occurrence during the first christmas of the Great War. Although the legend of the football matches and cease fire was not generalised it did happen, along the front line and probably wasn’t as “pretty” as this film makes out but the humanity of the event is probably as sincere.

There were moments when I thought the film might just turn into a full blown singing and dancing musical but it did help display that music is a universal language as much as prayer in some cases.

The story revolved around the love affair of Nikolaus and Anna (Benno Furmann and Diane Kruger) and obviously the German, French and Scottish legions. The men decided to have a moment of clarity on an otherwise deathly Christmas eve and drop guns and celebrate together. Which goes to show that “war” is always just political action. Unfortunately the dirty work is carried out by those who don’t necessarily want any part of it.

There are lots of interactions between the men that illustrate them visiting each other and knowing each other before the war, e.g visiting one and others hotel etc. It displays that there was a unified Europe before the war.

There is a feature of this movie which plays out similar to that in Schindler’s List (1993) Where an unknown person is clearly visible, in Schindlers it was the girl in the red coat, in Joyeux Noel it is a German and his 10am alarm clock. Both characters play an important role to remind you without knowing fully, that human beings are involved here.

A lot of small comedy moments are included, it’s hard to add this into a war movie without the cast looking like ball sacks but it’s focused  on the officers and lets face it. we’re all routing for infantry.


The language barriers are addressed in a logical way, the sets and wardrobes seem authentic to me but alas I am no historian. I was a little dubious about Benno being transported here and there at very short notice and so quickly but none of the transportation is shown, maybe to focus on the situation!? I dunno.. but he seemed to have no trouble getting out of the front line when he needed to.

The music aspect of this movie was the most annoying part, I’m not a fan of musicals myself but a catchy tune helps, understandably for this film the music had to fit. Lets just say that I didn’t rush out to get the OST. I’m pretty sure that it could have been crafted in a better way.

Another factor which shocked me a little about this film is that I knew from the start that this was WWI, no doubt about it.. but after watching for about an hour or so when one of the German officers said he appreciate the prayers even though he was Jewish I hit pause.. I couldn’t work out how a German officer could be Jewish then it finally sunk in again that it was WWI… it’s amazing how after watching so many WWII movies after hearing the German and seeing the war aspect my brain just clicked into WWII phase.. Is cinema making me racist!? Lol I kid..

This movie is quite engaging and a really compassionate insight into a small but vitally important snippet of the Great War.

T: One of the last films Ian Richardson made before his death on February 9th 2007.

Q: What the hell are you doing, Shoot the bloody kraut, shoot him god damn it the holidays are OVER!

R: Schindler’s List (1993), The English Patient (1996).



Pido nunmuldo eobsh/No blood no tears (2002)


(Action, Crime, 2002)(18) D/W : Seung-wan ryoo W: Jin Wan Jeong. 1h 56m. South Korea

TAGLINE : Enough is Enough

She drives a cab on the night shift and meets every scum there is, Gyung-Sun lives a scant life day by day


A single macho woman car driver vs the pretty trophy girlfriend of an out of work boxer… Actually they aren’t against each other they end up working together, taking down a bully and a small time gangster in their pursuit of freedom and happiness.

This has probably been classed as a girl power movie by many people. Fair enough two women manage to liberate themselves against male tyrants and gangsters and take a hell of a beating in the process. I’d imagine this is a Korean Thelma and Louise?

As a second full length feature from Rye Seung Wan who (for me) seems to have a hit and miss career, when he gets things right he makes two of my favourite movies of all time, this and City of Violence (2006) and when he gets it wrong he makes a total fuck up like Crying Fist (2005).

This film plays more like a Tarantino Richie pulp style movie as apposed to a “proper” action film and it’s loaded with small snippets of random surreal comedy that enhances the film all the way through. The film also features Doo Hong Jung (one of my favourite Korean actors) and his incredible fighting choreography is used throughout including the final showdown which is almost Riki-O (1991) tough and adds to the violent undercurrent of the film.


Q: “You can stop pretending to be tough now…”

BS: The fight showdown between the boxer douchbag and the silent guy, there is some back stabbing, hanging, crazy beating goodness!!

R: Crying Fist (2005), City of Violence (2006), Thelma and Louise (1991).



Last night’s movies 27.06.13

Pretty lame night really, I did one of the longest works outs of my life.. so I didn’t have much time for film watching L



Nevermind… I psychoed out with Night of the Demon (1980) which involved a serial rapist big foot and his b*stard offspring, there isn’t much to worry about though, he seems a sensitive lover really, The son seems to only fight in slow motion and doesn’t f*ck peoples guts out or rip off dicks like his father, so the family line is getting better!


flightSecondly came Flight (2012) which was more entertaining than I thought it would be, I do love hopeless not really trying to recover alcoholics.. they are the best to add a bit of spice into a drama, and just about the point where you wanted to punch  Denzel in the face, he sorts it out… good timing man!


Happiness (1998)


(Drama, Comedy, 1998) (18) D/W : Todd Solondz  P : Ted Hope S : Dylan Baker, Philip Seymour Hoffman. 2h 14m. USA.

The lives of many individuals connected by the desire for happiness, often from sources usually considered dark or evil.


From the first scene you get a pretty good indication of how raw this movie is going to be. The beginning reminded me of The ABC’s of Death (2012) As it just chucks you into the mix with no mercy.

The movie revolves around one family and their entanglement with neighbours, friends, stalkers and students, each of the main characters and associated people are all trying to find their own personal happiness, I find it strange that they all seem to think that this can be found in another person or sex, but I’m sure there are some psychologist who will argue why we do this.

The subject matter is unsettling but dealt with in a childlike way which makes it more twisted. The resident pedophile (Dylan Baker) would normally be seen/portrayed as a dirty and disgusting man, but he’s a punctual caring father with a job. He’s invisible as a peado but still rapes his son’s best friend (and makes it onto our worst fathers list). But the conclusion of this mini saga is just a simple chat with his son on the sofa, both are very honest and there is no judgement or closure. It’s scenes like this that will cause people to love or hate the movie.

There are some drawn out scenes, like when Joy’s colleague/date commits suicide and no one in the office remembers him and spend a good 5 minutes or more asking around trying to recall him. It’s scenes like this which give you time to reflect.

I adore the film; I found it totally fascinating to see an authentic look into the secretive lives of a few individuals who have very dark natures. You’ll recognise someone you know in each character and I think it’s at that point it hits home that the people around you aren’t what they seem. We all have a darker nature, maybe not all to the same degree as the people in the movie but it’s rife among us, this is what will terrify people.

I did find myself trying to predict what would happen next, with the relaxed pace of the movie you are kinda left to think.. “he’s gonna, he’s not gonna, oh my god he did what!?” You don’t really expect Dylan to drug and rape the young boy, you think with all the things that could go wrong that the kid would be spared.

You don’t see the act but you feel the realisation of the “blood in the BW” it’s like when someone says “the N word” you can’t not think Nigga.. brilliant now I’m thinking of that thing that you’re not mentioning! There are scenes which force you to think of scenarios and it doesn’t even touch on them, and it’s only because your human and as twisted as the characters that you are thinking along those lines.. Well done Mr Solondz.

R : Thursday (1998), Clive barkers History of the Devil (Radio play)

T : Director Cameo (Todd Solondz) as the doorman in Allen, Helen and Kristina’s building.

Q: “would you ever fuck me? 

no I’d jerk off instead”

“You know I wish you had told me this twenty years ago. Now I’m gonna have to get another FUCKING FACELIFT.”

 “I’m gonna fuck you till cum comes out your ears”,

TIL : Dogs eat cum!

BS : Any scene with Dylan Baker is amazing, I have such a crush on him… But the last scene with him and his son talking about his “sickness” is amazing.



Last nights movies 26-06-13

Another night of rest of me and I managed to fit in 3 movies!! I was so chuffed with meself!

I did start early and while prepping dinner I watched a bit of a gore fest. It’s a great thing that I have a fairly strong stomach.

  • Isolation (2005)
  • Broderskab/Brotherhood (2009)
  • Curse of the Demon (1957)

So I started the evening with Isolation (2005) this was a dark and brooding genertically modified bovine horror with lots of goo and gore. Definatly a hot flick for me!


Followed by.. Broderskab/Brotherhood (2009) now I wasn’t sure what to expect for this, I saw the cover and thought I’d give it a go, usually Danish films are hard hitting and gritty, this is a melodrama, best way to describe it, is Brokeback Mountain (2005) VS American History X (1998), I’m still unsure what kind of message it was trying to convey..


Then finally a favourite horror before bed. Curse of the Demon (1957) one of my all time favourite 1950’s movies. The monster (which is a bastard child between King Kong (1933), Alf (1986)and the rabbit from Donnie Darko (2001)) is so well created for the time, the film is full of mysticism, the occult and the first haunted piece of paper.. I think this heavily influenced Yogen/Premonition (2004).


Deliverance (1972)


(Thriller, Adventure, Drama, 1972) (18) D :  John Boorman W:  James Dickey. 1h 50m. USA.

TAGLINE : Deliverance from Evil.

Intent on seeing the Cahulawassee River before its turned into one huge lake, outdoor fanatic Lewish Medlock takes his friends o a river rafting trip they’ll never forget into the dangerous American back-country.


Oh man!! This is one of the more memorable movies from my childhood, although as a kid I used to get the name mixed up with Southern Comfort (1981) and as a teen I always thought there should be some boozy recovery drink called Deliverance… makes sense don’t it!?

Anyway.. This has to be the cult classic city “boy” meets hick movie!?  It certainly one of the more memorable. It’s been sampled and remixed into a ton of music, including my favourite track from Primus. In fact I heard a busker in my town centre playing the banjo song only the other week.

So what’s all the fuss about? A small group of men go out the wilderness to “rough it” and hike up a river that is going to be damned. They encounter a few local people including a great banjo playing hick kid. Now there is one enthusiast among them a outdoor loving Lewis (Burt Reynolds) who knows the theory but doesn’t really understand the practice. The rest of the crew a little more tamer and think more like the common man while Lewis is out to brave the wild, the character reminds me of Pvt Reich from Ravenous (1999). The guys encounter a group of butt loving toothless hicks and hells gates open and everything takes a strange turn.

I don’t wanna give too much away here, as I think everyone should watch films for themselves and make up their own minds about them. But you could argue so many points about the movie.  The struggle between man and nature, city boy and country folk, morals and revenge. I’m sure there have been books written on all the underlying subjects covered in this movie.


Q: There are too many quotes in this movie, but my favourite ones all come the hicks “You sure do got a purdy mouth” and “Where you going city boy” “Squeeel piggy” etc etc.

Deliverance and predator

BS : The actual best scene for me in this movie is the end, where the guys JUST WANT TO GO HOME.. while looking back over the area that will be flooded wondering how their lives are going to get back to normal..

The most iconic scenes are the piggy raping scene and the banjo showdown, which I was hoping would inspire Banjo Hero on the PS4 but it didn’t…

paddle faster

R : Southern Comfort (1981) Timber Falls (2007), Devils Bridge (2010)



Last nights movies 25 .06 .13

It was a pretty busy night.. but not a lot of movie watching.. but what I did watch was very good. Quality not Quantity!!

  • The Devils (1971) followed by..
  • Viy (1967)

Then I finished the night by watching the end of Snowtown Murders .. which is still actually quite scary and strangely hypnotic.

Anyway it was a great night, two VERY good movies, the first was The Devils (1971) which I had seen before in my teens and attempted to watch the night before but failed totally.. never mind I always get there in the end. Oliver Reed at his best and the wonderfully demented Vanessa Redgrave, beautiful and crazy in love.

Vanessa Redgrave..
Vanessa Redgrave..

Followed by Viy (1971) which was amazing!!! I really loved this movie, I learnt about the Viy story after a friend of a friend did a Viy styled photo-shoot. But it was a very imaginative adaptation of the Nikolai Gogol book. It is a bit dated now, the effects are still quite stunning and in the vein of something you’d exptect from the early 70’s. The style reminded me a little bit of The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967).

gothic style witch from Viy
gothic style witch from Viy

V/H/S 2 – (2013)


(Horror, Thriller, Found Footage, 2013) (18) D : Simon Barrett, Jason Eisner. 1h 36m. USA.

VHS you can't rewind

I never read much about the first VHS (2012) before watching it, but knew it was another found footage movie. Man was I wrong! It was actually one of the best and more inventive movies I’ve seen for some time and it did scare me, which wins it lots of brownie points. After all;  fear fans are always looking our for new kicks.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, the sheer creativity alone made it superb and the execution of each story was spot on. The film achieved all that it was set out to do and created for itself a very unique and distinct feel about it that carried on into part 2.

VHS2 is one of the rare sequels that acts like a sequel, it keeps the same unique feeling as the original one created it also plays out in the same way with a wrap around and a few individual segments, it didn’t really try to answer any questions or lead into further movies as such (but I hope it does) I find that with a lot of sequels there is a need to out do the first movie or to break all the rules. Sometimes I think if you have the formula right then you just need to keep at it.

The wrap around itself was quite spooky and strangely entertaining.

TAPE 49 D: Simon Barrett : Two private investigators are searching for a missing student, their search leads them to an abandoned house, littered with VHS tapes and a laptop that the young man left behind explaining the “lore” of the tapes. This is only the wrap around so it’s not particularly scary until the end but there are some shocks and scares in between. It does raise one question which I’ll detail at the end.


CLINICAL TRIALS : D : Adan Wingard
A dude (the director Wingard) gets a robotic eye after a car accident, which allowed him to see dead people through “glitches” it’s a bit gimmicky and is a cross between The Sixth Sense (1999) and Gin Gwai : The Eye (2002) It has a couple of scares but it wasn’t the most thrilling of the series, I did like the scene where the guy was going to fight one of the ghosts an put his cuffs up it reminded me of playing a first person shooter..


RIDE IN THE PARK : D : Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale.
I wondered when they were going to introduce zombies into this little corner of horror. A mountain biker gets attached and turned into a zombie and continues in a zombie rampage to a kids birthday party while capturing the whole event on his GoPro camera. Definitely  the comedy segment.


SAFE HAVEN : D : Gareth Huw Evans and Timo Tjahjanto.
This was the longest segment and maybe the more detailed. Luckily by the time it starts feeling like the longest segment things finally get going and your rewarded with some crazy Silent Hill style scenes. An Indonesian TV Crew are granted access into the compound of a cult, after the main characters and their situations are introduced a tour is given and hell literally breaks loose, I don’t want to spoil this one it has to be seen.

A few young teens are left along and continue to pull pranks on each other using their home camera strapped to the back of their lil doggie. This is all fucked up when a bunch of aliens turn up. I didn’t find the segment all that amazing as we had seen aliens before but not in this way I suppose. There was one scene where you see a figure swimming towards the kids  and I was hoping it would be a merman type of creature like in Cabin in the woods (2011)  nevermind it was still pretty good, the lil doggie played his part well.

All in all I did enjoy this movie quite a lot, for  me V/H/S (2012) was the better film, but his sequel isn’t terrible. Obviously these movies are quite clique and will only appeal to certain people, a little like marmite there are gonna be some haters out there too. I’m just praying that it can be kept up for another movie, which might just be amazing.

Q : “You butt dialled me

R : V/H/S (2012) The ABC’s of Death (2012)


  • THE DEVILS – part of

DEVILS DOUBLE – finally got to the end of this flick, it tells an unusual story in a well crafted way. Despite seeing the ending a mile away it’s still interesting to watch. The short schizophrenic outburst of violence are actually quite shocking and graphic, but overall it’s quite a heart warming movie of right and crazy wrong.


HATCHET III – The final movie?? I hope so, I wouldn’t want to see this buildinto something like SAW, there is only so many series we need in the horror genre and I think Victor has lived a good life or is that death?! I dunno.. Either way it was an okay ending to the saga bit less boobs that I had expected. The first movie had it all, humour, horror, scares, jumps, gore, comedy etc etc.. then it slowly dwindled into lo fi horror and lost it’s spark. I liked the fact that it carried on with the old school horror movie ideals in a modern way without trying to be new and it worked so very well!


THE DEVILS – part of

I have seen this before but it was a long time ago, but sadly after my weights session I did drop off .. I feel so bad because I love Oliver Reed, but I shall continue tonight.