Hummingbird / Redemption (2013)


(Drama, Action, 2013)(15) D/W : Steven Knight C : Jason Statham. 1h 40m. UK.

Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London’s criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another mans identity – transforming into an avenging angel in the process.


I get the impression that this was supposed to be the movie to prove that Jason Statham is more than just an action hero but Steven Knight got the formula right but proved nothing with this mundane movie. I decided to watch this to get away from the drama and I just wanted a non thinking action/violence flick.. I was disappointed.

The movie is full of unlikely events for example while running from a gang in central London Statham just happens to chance upon a totally empty apartment, without realising it he cleans up, showers, changes clothes etc.. most people would be more aware of owners impending return.. and he doesn’t realise that it’s going to be empty for some time until the morning after.. no matter move along..

Hummingbird doesn’t really live up to the potential of either the Statham or Knight, they have wowed audiences with brilliant films such as Eastern Promises (2007) and Transporter (2002). But all the situations just don’t add up, Statham isn’t bad but he seems awkward showing this other side here. Rather than blending any of the realism of the London streets into the movie, all the characters and situations seem aloof to what we see everyday. On top of that the nun’s back story, as tragic as it is; gives a shock but stacked on top of all the other implausibilites, just causes the movie to become even MORE unbelievable.

The movie could have been a slick ride, it has all the elements of a really good Korean style crime flick gone big smoke style, ex special forces, triad gang, a nun.. drugs, prostitution etc.. but the director and cast struggle to tie them all together in a meaningful way.

BS : My favourite scene in this movie which I thought might be a theme for the damaged Statham character is when he’s half asleep and the buzzing flies in the kitchen morph into helicopters and a battle emerges, Statham then envisions a hanging man and stats to shoot him, but the gun turns into a lamp stand and everything returns to reality.



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