PREDICTIONS : 28 Months Later



I hope I’m not the only one who isn’t sick of this saga just yet, while drinking in the Worlds End Pub ( I worked out what was going to happen with 28 weeks later and got laughed at but those fools soon paid up when we went to see the movie!! OH YEAH! I’m loosing hope on seeing any further movies made..

The last movie 28 Weeks Later left us with a Paris torn apart with “infected”. Now I’m guessing the infection would have spread across Europe pretty fast, that leaves America, Australia, Japan and other islands ok..

I’m guessing that Africa MIGHT be okay but I don’t we’ll see a black version on this in the near future.. although Resident Evil 5 does come to mind.. Right so we shall leave that chapter for a while..

So.. Humm..


What I would like to see is that the cast from the first movie are all hauled up in Europe feeling pretty cool then hear news about the infection and go back to basics to survive another plague, after all they have done it before right. The only problem with this is that the original movie had two endings so different people would be involved (I’m trying for no spoilers here.. ) So this idea would be cool but might not be able to get off the ground.


Okay lets stick with Europe for a while, we could have a German version, a French version, Italian version of different people survive, heck we could have a TV series, each season a different county in Europe being taken over by the infected!!


America and the rest of the world will be looking on as Europe is destroyed, maybe trying to evacuate people and fight the war.. maybe they could put down this infection, in the meantime people will start flocking to England as a safe haven island!

This one isn’t as easy at the others to predict, but I would guess the kids who have the carrier gene aren’t the only one, and will all infections they have a tendency to mutate and change into something else, I could imagine that the infection itself could become more stealthy so you wouldn’t know someone was infected by looking at their 2 weeks on the booze blood shot eyes.. What form would it take?


The infection mutates into a virus which is undedicated but will probably be transmitted by blood and saliva, I’m not sure what the purpose of it would be, and no doubt if anyone took this direction it would end up like a pseudo vampire movie with people biting each other to spread the disease. But this is the more likely line as it’s going to have to spread to America for the final movie I think..

Well you can tell that I think about movies WAY too much but I’m done with this for now, if I have any other ideas I’ll update!! In the meantime I’ll be thinking of the next chapter.


La Weekend 2013 June 3

Le Weekend

A quite weekend but not the best movie weekend… Still it ended with a band, note that Watchtower followed by the Lodger were he final movies of the night.

  • Mutant Hunt
  • Lost in the Desert
  • Paradise Lost – The child murders at robin hood hills
  • Rise of the planet of the apes
  • 24 Hour party people
  • Devilman
  • 23 – Nichts ise so wie es scheint
  • Into the abyss
  • Chernobyl Diaries
  • Tales from Gimli hospital
  • Apartment 143
  • Shrine
  • Watchtower
  • Murder set pieces
  • The Lodger

MUTANT HUNT  – 1980s lo fi sci fi at it’s best by being the worse! A beautiful Casio keyboard and guitar OST accompanies this imaginative but badly presented robotic sci fi flick.

LOST IN THE DESERT – One of those based on a real life story movies from South Africa. A young boy is stranded in the desert with his dog and wits.

PARADISE LOST – THE CHILD MURDERS AT  ROBIN HOOD HILLS – Another real life story event movie. This one was presented in a way where it took no sides and no prisoners, brutal photo of the murders in addition of real life interviews with all the people involved and court room footage.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – I’m a bit late this this one but it was a good story, it had some progression and a good solid beginning to a old school sci fi classic.

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE – I’ve been meaning to see this film for so long purely due to Sean Harris preforming as Ian Curtis, there was more to the film than that, but nothing as amazing as his performance. Lots of cameo’s and well devised.

DEVILMAN 3 – OMG!! Finally found the third instalment of the Devilman saga!!!! The characters were a little weaker than the first two movies but then.. well I don’t want to spoil it but it didn’t matter how crap they were, still a great epic devil fight scene but poor movie compared to the others.

23 – NICHTS ISE SO WIE ES SCHEINT –  Yet another based on a real life story movie, this one is the original hackers, when kids/people used Commodores, phone lines and Atari’s to hack into systems.. add in drugs, paranoia and the number 23 and you have a tragic but wonderful introduction to cyber life and hacking.

INTO THE ABYSS –  I was on a role, another real life story of an incredibly young man and the crimes surrounding his final days on death row. Again this one does not point any fingers but allows everyone to have their say, it’s quite raw and there are some tears…

CHERNOBYL DIARIES – As recommended by a friend because it’s “quite good” I think he meant “crap”.. cheers buddy! The movie was okay but very predictable and lame at times. Very good bear scene though…

TALES FROM GIMLI HOSPITAL – Hello surrealism my old friend! A black and white theatrical, almost David Lynch style story. Very visual and like no other. It’s often I see two men wrestling with bleedy buttocks..

APARTMENT 143 –  Supernatural horror, part ghostly, part possession, pseudo found footage. Nothing new for the genre but watchable.

SHRINE –  One good scene with a statue which is reminiscent of Dr Who.. the rest of the movie was poorly delivered and boring.

WATCHTOWER – I’m a fan of quite long shot slow drama and this was AMAZING!! I love this movie, it has so much going on under the surface, it’s beautiful if not slightly difficult to watch..

MURDER SET PIECES – A movie from the top 50 disturbing list.. it’s okay.. there is a slight story going on.. but most of it is random boobs, blood and screaming in German.. it’s okay for gore lovers, like Guiney Pig 2 but with less character. Great cameo from Tony Todd

THE LODGER – Alfred Hitchcock classed this as his first movie (twas the third) It is amazing from beginning to end and will never loose it’s impact.
GAH! so many movies.. I forgot..

JOYEUX NOEL – It’s a great movie but the badly lip synched singing really peeved me off.. apart from that a great great movie.. if your into WW1 shizzle