Dark Skies (2013)

(Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Sci Fi, 2013) (15) D/W:Scott Stewart  1h 37m. USA.

TAGLINE : Once you’ve been chosen, you belong to them.

As the Barret family peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them.

dark skies poster

I did kinda go into this one utterly blind,  I should have guessed it was going to be about aliens but I had hoped with all the hype that it would have entertained me for a few minutes at least. Nothing new learnt no scares and little to be interested about. I spent most of the time yelling at the TV like an old person. Who didn’t see all the cliché’s coming!? Pan back to view a huge open window.. of course something is gonna fly into it.. make it dramatic though, think Hitchcock and the Birds (1968) add some real scares in there!! Go on.. PLEASE. I got a bigger thrill from Fire in the Sky (1993), The Fourth Kind (2009) or even Signs (2002) For F*ck Sake!!

I know a lot of people really enjoyed this and it scared them but I would wager this is a new subject to the little teen generation, I dunno… I really don’t. This whole new wave of horror has been so piss poor, Insidious (2010), Dead Silence (2007) etc. were all terrible, like a bunch of After Dark Movies.

I guess growing up with a mother who reads von Däniken and devotedly listening to UFO podcasts etc. I have been exposed to a lot of these tales and this is the lamest.

Truly disappointed…

The final emo scene with the kids going through a pseudo silent hill reality check thing was annoying more than scary.

I think the Alien segment in VHS or VHS2 was more thrilling and shorter and had more plot and scares.. I dunno I guess someone people got together and made a movie, well done but next time make sure your firing on all cylinders first.



Last nights Movies 17-06-13


  • QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966)
  • PERFECT HOST (2010)

Pretty decent evening, lots of retro goodness and a amusing psychological thriller for the end.

Seven_Thunders_FilmPosterI started the night with a bloopers, I read the title (which was pretty worn.. ) as Beast of Mars.. turns out to be the  black and white treat of The Beasts of Marseilles(1957)! I knew the film as Seven Thunders (1957). A Brilliant visual thriller in the more bohemian areas of Marseilles,  where a group of prisoners or war escape and despite their presence being openly known to the locals, the hide away while awaiting a boat back to England, Obviously there are lots of f*ck up German officers after them and with lots of great movies, there are several other little stories playing alongside including a great tale involving the epic and charismatic James Robertson Justice!! All in all a beautiful movie. 8/10

Then onto Queen of Blood (1966) this was recommended by my movie buddy Captain Fantastico.. and it pretty awesome, I felt a bit sorry for ? as she had no name.. as the green body paint was making her eyes look a little sore but great movie, super concept and broke apart my theory that Lifeforce (1985) was the first vampires from space movie lol. 7/10

Finally.. The Perfect Host (2010) – There is lots going on in this movie, a little too much near the end which was a little disappointing but it doesn’t fail. Lots of tension and snippets of cringe worth disco dancing from David Hyde Pierce. 7/10

perfect host