Please don’t touch me (1963)

(Drama, Mystery 1963) (12) D/W: Ron Ormand C: Lash La Rue, Ruth Blair, Larry Wallace 1h 7m. USA

TAGLINE : Why did marriage have to be like this? CRUEL UGLY Why couldn’t it bring me the happiness I longed for?

A woman who is unable to have sex with her husband goes to a psychiatrist for help. He sends her to a hypnotist, who finds out she has a deep, dark secret.


I was really pleased to find this movie after all these years, it is a shame that Ron Ormand is pretty unknown apart from those hardcore psychotronic film addicts like myself.

This is a shame as his movies; especially the ones of this era have a unique and consistent eccentric style.

The film opens with some educational footage of hypnotism, there were operation scenes, pins being pushed through skin, nail beds and more! I do like how movies from the 50’s through to the 70’s liked to educate it’s audience before showing them the full feature, rather than just assuming you’ve done your homework before watching the movie, it helps answer any obvious questions but is also a huge tool for the director to herd the audience into a false sense of security.

Then the movie starts, a frustrated young couple,  a husband trying to get his end away and a gorgeous and provocative yet frigid fire crotch wife. You learn that the wife has been raped as a child a scene which is repeated throughout the vivid movie, but there is more.. something deeper and darker that only a psychiatrist and hypnotist can answer.

The dialogue is long and “groovy” the outfits all show off various curvy figures and the posing is unbelievably gay.. but that’s the charm of this swinging 60’s flick.