Bunnyman (2011)

BUNNYMAN – (Horror, Gore, 2011) (18) D/W/P: Carl Lindbergh. 1h 30m. USA

Another group of teens lost in the woods…

rubbing the locals up the wrong way and getting slaughtered. I REALLY loved the bunnyman character, he was such a charmer, and is probably going to make it onto my adorable horror characters list. He’s just so flufffy!!


The film is poorly acted and at times can drag a simple scene out for ever…I think with the intention of it being a moment of suspense? But it’s just annoying. How long would you honestly stand in front of a truck shouting at the driver!? If they were kids from my neighbourhood the truck would be on bricks in seconds.

What it does to make up for the annoying boring parts is to chuck in a bit of a scare from the Bunnyman who is similar to Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)) .. A huge deadly oversized kid, running in now and again wrecking the place up and keeping the hipsters on their toes.

Keep an eye out for a comical froggy bouncing leapfrog rape scene!?!?

Really this is only good if you have a lotta beer in your system. Nothing is new here, it steals from a million other films and real life stories like R : The Bunny Game (2010), the Toybox Killer  David Parker Ray and every other hick killing city boy movies.. Pig Hunt (2008), Deliverance (1972) , Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) etc etc etc, there really isn’t anything new here, and sadly what has been presented was done poorly.


Lets hope things pick up for part 2!

Q:I know daddies genes left you a little special but if you f*ck this up I will beat you into next week.”