5 Selected – Richard Brake


The Brake has got to be one of my favourite actors! He’s never had any massive roles that I’m aware of but he consistently appears in a lot of the movies I watch, always with his iconic slicked back blonde hair and dirty ole pervert persona.. I LOVE him.


  • Death machine (1994) – Scott Ridley
  • Doom (2005) – Portman
  • Outpost (2006) – Prior
  • Hannibal Rising (2007) – Enrikas Dortlich 
  • Legacy : Black Ops (2010) – Scott O’Keef

richard (1)

Death machine (1994) – Scott Ridley –  This was my first viewing of Richard. He plays a not to hot shot business dude who pisses off Brad who unleashes his death machine on him. He’s a classic yuppie and dies horribly.

Doom (2005) – Portman – This is my top favourite because you get to see him quite a lot in this movie. Again he plays a douchbag but he like kinky things.. oh man that was good news! I have a signed poster for this film sadly Richard didn’t sign it .. this makes me very sad. Oh yeah and he dies horribly.

Outpost (2006) – Prior – So good to see him with a beard or at least some facial hair.. oh man what a hot flick. He’s not the biggest douche in the movie and he dies horribly.

Hannibal Rising (2007) – Enrikas Dortlich  –  Beautiful and yet terrible death scene I almost expected to hear a pop on that one while he dies horribly.

Legacy : Black Ops (2010) – Scott O’Keefe –  He gets to be a flashback douchbag in this film, who dies horribly..

Notice a pattern emerging here? SCOTT!? Why is he always called Scott? No seriously he dies in everything, more deaths than  Sean Bean.

richard (2)

that grin!!

Yes I’d like to see him play a major role, a proper full time scum bag, that would make all my dweams come twoo.