It was a long weekend and I did a lot of travelling but I also did a lot of movie watching!

I visited my favourite lil cinema in chinatown!

We are open

  • NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS – missed the end L
  • THE DEVILS DOUBLE – only watched half L


NO ONE LIVES – I had no idea about this film it just kinda cropped up. It does have a cool, slightly alternative story, it was just executed poorly, it kinda plays like the early part of Devil’s Rejects in reverse with a few Saw traps.

KYNODONTAS/DOGTOOTH – This movie instantly gets a 10/10 from me. It’s films like that I live for! Strange situations, obscure dialogue, totally unique and a fresh breath of cinema air.


THE BOUNTY – I’m trying to work out a “five best moments” post for my main cinema man Sir Anthony Hopkins! So I’m catching up on a few films I missed along the way. For a remake this was pretty good.

PUMPING IRON – I don’t know if anyone is aware on here but I started weight lifting as part of my “new me” programme about 5 weeks ago, my new weights were ordered while watching this! Although I have to admit that I wasn’t quite expecting so much cumming lol

PUMPING IRON II – luckily there is a lady version too! I was a bit upset with the god girl, how sad can one person be but I was routing for the Auzzie lass to be honest, she’s the only one who looked like she had any balls to become anything new…

RETURN OF SABATA – I’ve watched this so many times but always miss bits I will rewatch again and pay more attention but not as good as Sabata..

HOWLING 2 – YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF – WTF is this all about! I loved howling and have been watching all the sequels (in no order, just as I find them) and despite the Christopher Lee scenes it’s pretty pants, lots of snarling and hair though.. pretty 80’s.

THE CREEPING FLESH – Old school favourite movie!!! I adored this as a kid, despite the monster freaking me out A LOT! But it still is amazing to watch Cushing and Lee had such a rapport.

WORLD WAR Z – I gave in to see how they butchered the book and it looks like it’s going to be World War Z part 2.. it’s an ok movie, a little far fetched but hey it’s sci fi.. I don’t think it’s going to down in cinema history for anything spectacular.


HATCHET II – talking about Part 2.. I’m catching up with the Hatchet Triligoy, I really loved the first movie, it was great seeing a kid from the 80’s keeping the old horror movie themes alive and creating such a great new horror character to love. Now this movie is pretty much a rehash of the first movie with some of the original cast, it’s kinda in the similar vein as how Evil Dead 2 was kinda a reinvention of Evil Dead.

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY – A bit of black and white with my Sunday roast! Amusing real life story of a German POW who had many great escape attempts.

NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS – missed the end L The DVD I got just stopped playing part way though I’m gonna give it another go but I am so frekked peeved that this isn’t playing!!! It had all the classic styles and themes that a good retro Italian horror needs!! GRRR


dont ride the night train


THE DEVILS ADVOCATE – I avoided this movie for so long, Keanu has never interested me as an actor and Pacino is a bit samey all the time. It was an okay movie but a bit let down for us occultist.. but… saying that it was like listeing.. to Entombed – Morning Star Album –

THE DEVILS DOUBLE – only watched half  – This was starting to look promising when I dropped off… I shall continue it another day.

AXE GIANT – The wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

AXE GIANT – The wrath of Paul Bunyan

(Horror, 2013) (18) D : Gary Jones W : Jeffrey Miller. 1h 35m. USA. C : Dan Haggerty (yep Grizzly Adams!!) Thomas Downey.

TAGLINE : This tall tale is murder.

Young adults at a first-time offenders boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined.

axe giantmore axe

Oh man duped again! The cover looked amazing.. sadly my cover never had the subtitle of “the wrath of Paul Bunyan” on it. The only thing I knew about Paul Bunyan was from BI (1996) shame on me!

The movie starts with innocent hard working good people loggers, getting slaughtered by a  crazy deformed man. I was expecting a Lumberjack version of Hatchet (2006) but things changed.. Cut scene…


A group of young offender are sent out into the wild to lean about “themselves” and become better people blah blah.. it’s the typical group, sexy girl, jock, token etc and Sgt. Hoke who is a care bear version of Sgt Hartman from Full Metal Jacket (1987) and even uses the line Drop your cocks and grab your socks.. how lame. Anyway the axe murderer is back but he’s a full on giant now and the interfering kids have touched his horn. Muvafuckers… So it’s all out war. With really bad CGI effects and daydreams about Trollhunter (2010).

BS : when the kids work out that Paul Bunyan wanted his horn back and chuck into the woods at him, and he returns it though the jock.. I knew it was coming but I did giggle a little.

RWrong Turn (2003) Beast of Bray Road (2005) Paul Bunyan (1958)