Pido nunmuldo eobsh/No blood no tears (2002)


(Action, Crime, 2002)(18) D/W : Seung-wan ryoo W: Jin Wan Jeong. 1h 56m. South Korea

TAGLINE : Enough is Enough

She drives a cab on the night shift and meets every scum there is, Gyung-Sun lives a scant life day by day


A single macho woman car driver vs the pretty trophy girlfriend of an out of work boxer… Actually they aren’t against each other they end up working together, taking down a bully and a small time gangster in their pursuit of freedom and happiness.

This has probably been classed as a girl power movie by many people. Fair enough two women manage to liberate themselves against male tyrants and gangsters and take a hell of a beating in the process. I’d imagine this is a Korean Thelma and Louise?

As a second full length feature from Rye Seung Wan who (for me) seems to have a hit and miss career, when he gets things right he makes two of my favourite movies of all time, this and City of Violence (2006) and when he gets it wrong he makes a total fuck up like Crying Fist (2005).

This film plays more like a Tarantino Richie pulp style movie as apposed to a “proper” action film and it’s loaded with small snippets of random surreal comedy that enhances the film all the way through. The film also features Doo Hong Jung (one of my favourite Korean actors) and his incredible fighting choreography is used throughout including the final showdown which is almost Riki-O (1991) tough and adds to the violent undercurrent of the film.


Q: “You can stop pretending to be tough now…”

BS: The fight showdown between the boxer douchbag and the silent guy, there is some back stabbing, hanging, crazy beating goodness!!

R: Crying Fist (2005), City of Violence (2006), Thelma and Louise (1991).



Last night’s movies 27.06.13

Pretty lame night really, I did one of the longest works outs of my life.. so I didn’t have much time for film watching L



Nevermind… I psychoed out with Night of the Demon (1980) which involved a serial rapist big foot and his b*stard offspring, there isn’t much to worry about though, he seems a sensitive lover really, The son seems to only fight in slow motion and doesn’t f*ck peoples guts out or rip off dicks like his father, so the family line is getting better!


flightSecondly came Flight (2012) which was more entertaining than I thought it would be, I do love hopeless not really trying to recover alcoholics.. they are the best to add a bit of spice into a drama, and just about the point where you wanted to punch  Denzel in the face, he sorts it out… good timing man!