Last night’s movies 27.06.13

Pretty lame night really, I did one of the longest works outs of my life.. so I didn’t have much time for film watching L



Nevermind… I psychoed out with Night of the Demon (1980) which involved a serial rapist big foot and his b*stard offspring, there isn’t much to worry about though, he seems a sensitive lover really, The son seems to only fight in slow motion and doesn’t f*ck peoples guts out or rip off dicks like his father, so the family line is getting better!


flightSecondly came Flight (2012) which was more entertaining than I thought it would be, I do love hopeless not really trying to recover alcoholics.. they are the best to add a bit of spice into a drama, and just about the point where you wanted to punch  Denzel in the face, he sorts it out… good timing man!


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