New DVDs today

Today I popped into one of my local thrift stores and picked up a few films, total cost, a fiver!


So what did I find?
01 – Burn after reading ×
02 – Cloverfield
03 – the Forth kind
04 – the Trial×
05 – Black moon rising

01 – Burn after reading × this is a new one which I will eventually watch, the Cohen brothers are probably one of my favorite director duos but it takes me a while to watch one of their comedies.

02 – Cloverfield – I only watched this for the first time a week ago, I missed the beginning so. Thought it might be worth getting to see all the way through, I thought it was a Godzilla style movie but was impressed with the creature so I might watch this again… And again!

03 – The forth kind – loved this movie from the get go, had to make do with borrowing from a friend until now. If I were to expand on my list of films that scare me, then this would probably be on that list! Real footage melded with movie footage of a dairy from an abductee. Chilling stuff,…

04 – the Trial× Another new film, I’m a big Hopkins fan so I hope this will be worth the squid.

05 – Black moon rising – I vaguely remember this from my youth, hopefully it will still be awesome!

News update – Bad news for insects…

It seems that the director of the upcoming Ant-Man, Edgar Wright has left the project! How do these projects get finished when set backs like this happen?? Even though the Amazing Spiderman has only opened here recently, part 3 is on the make, and due out 2016. Not a lot of info on this yet but its gonna go on forever…

Anyway there have been bigger changes to movies in production , I guess.. Maybe the friend and producer can help out who knows?!

Why isn’t there a Fly 3 on the cards? Another generation of brundle fly would be muchly appreciated, or maybe madame butterfly without the singing!? I jest…


PREDICTION : Grave Encounters 3

It seems to be one of those movie series that has a cultish following, there are lots of entries on fan fiction for this one as it can go so many ways now..

I have only more recently caught up with the Grave Encounters films, I thinke first time I saw any clips from the movie it was in a few  of those “scariest movies on the internet” youtube compliations, it was obvious the clips came from a movie but I never bothered to look up the infirmation because they were so badly done.

Anyway I stumbled  apon the first two films together so I managed to get updated in one weekend.

Grave encounters 1

Grave Encounters
A young team of paranormal tv investigators arrange an all night filming session in an abandoned mental hospital but get te real results they feared. There are hints of occult practices, specific patients are mentioned as well as prominent Doctors, as well asva heavy dose that the show is a fake and people are transported by smoke and that time is moving much faster in the hospital. That’s fine and dandy. It makes for an interesting movie, a sorta reality tv house only haunted hill.

Grave Encounters 2

The series suddenly takes a turn for what is usually series suicide. It makes it real!? Suddenly Grave Encounters is being reviewed by looser like myself, who slated the film in many ways until one of them gets attached to it and obsesses over it until he manages to convince his friends to make their own video while they investigate the happenings to the original crew.

this keeps things interesting and make it soooo terrifying because, oh my god it could be true!! (chortle) I can think of a few films that have done this, I kinda sit on the fence with the whole concept it had equally good and bad aspects, you realise the movie is merely a movie, but then it’s a movie about a movie! nooooo.. actually that smells like another list to me.. but back on track it kinda kills the story and characters a little. I dunno.. it’s a lot of meh for me. I remember one Nightmare on Elm street taking that path (shot me for not knowing which one) and obviously Human Centipede 2 (20??) among others.

Anyway! Back to the film, you have my obsessive and his crew who believe the film is real but try to discover more, taking into account various flaws from the last teams effforts they take along different equipment and try to crack the puzzle, they uncover more monsters, more dust, the last remaining cast member a hidden secret door and the powers behind it all, which take over obsessive, encourages him to finish the movie, kill his friends and attract more people to the slaughter..

Grave encounters 3

Now for the next chapter, I don’t really think anyone is gonna wanna go out there so my predictions..

a. real ghost fighters go to kick some butt, like exorcist style, to cleanse the area and fight off satan or who ever

b. a group of occults want to join in the fun and go out there with prey! pretty cool idea huh

c. a prequel!? lets find out who this occult doctor is and what he achieved, it could end with the beginning of the first movie.

d. all of the above! !?! I dunno. I suppose another team could go out to prove it wasn’t real and try even more methods of fixing flaws in paranormal documentary making.


Just be certain that there will be more black hole mouthed psychos in a green monochrome.. that’s about all that will be certain or it won’t be Grave Encounters.

Hopefully there will be another movie, these aren’t the best horrors but they have a certain style and are fun to watch.

Upcoming movie nonsense: Ant-man

Ant-man (2015)


Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas to star in Ant-man! Biochemist Hank Pym obtains the ability to communicate and control insects!! Director Edgar Wright and producer Joe Cornish are aiming to roll this one out next July.

Edgar is well known for Shawn of the dead (2004), Hot fuzz (2007) and World’s end (2013) etc, all films I’ll never bother watching… Joe had a level of success with Attack the block (2011) but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see this one but I think it will do well, with a level of comedy,  big names, being another hero movie and out around the summer holidays it’s gonna do ok!

I can’t think of many clichés I’d expect to be brutally honest I would like the movie to be like the Tick I’m live action, oh wait that’s been done… This one is hard to.predict as I’ve not read the comics, I’m just thankful Simon Smeg isn’t in it… Yet!

I’ll await to see what unfolds! Then probably avoid it 😦



A long and hot weekend but some good filmage. Sadly I managed to pick up a Belgium movie with no subtitles!! Ideas people??

Killing Season

  • Killing Season
  • Bully
  • Twilight – Eclipse
  • X Men First Class
  • A Fistful of Dollars
  • *Cloverfield
  • Grimm Love
  • Phantasm
  • Dog Soldiers
  • *Zombie Holocaust.
  • Dorian Grey

Killing Season – this was unusual, I was expecting, I only knew that Robert De Niro was in the movie but Travolta!! REALLY, the hair implants are looking good but sadly the part should have been given to Scott Adkins and made into a brutal truth kinda film. Still it was fun to watch.

Bully – back to the brutal, crazy teenage violence and debauchery, just how I like it. Makes me happy to be old.

Twilight – Eclipse – Yeah I watched it AGAIN I love a good romance, actually what I prefer to do is turn the sound down and dub it myself..

X Men First Class – Now this is everything we expect for a prequel, it’s a bit family friendly and lets face it, those were dark days in the x men history, Still it would have been nice to see more taken from the comics and less clothes on Jason Flemyng please..

A Fistful of Dollars – Oh wow.. I forgot about how awesome this film is. The only person missing from this is franco the a$$hole nero but otherwise perfection.. simple perfection.

*Cloverfield  – would you believe it, I had avoided Cloverfield until now!! I thought it was Rubberduckzilla killing everyone.. but it was something else.. something much smellier.. I’d imagine.. It was okay for a found footage film, not the best, the camera the guy picked up just happened to be better than anything in holywood aint that great and err.. it never got cracked or dirty how awesome! There are flaws but otherwise it’s pretty entertaining.

Grimm Love – killer BJ’s and general nastyness, hey did you know that I talked with the cannibal this is based on.. he’s a really nice guy!

Phantasm – OH I’ve not seen this since the days of VHS! So there were a few moments I didn’t remember, the whole movie plays like a really bad dream which is always a plus in my books. It was good to catch up, just gotta watch the next 8 movies or sommit now.

Dog Soldiers – I don’t need to talk about this one do I?? It should have been part of the Hammer Horror revival, but got binned then picked up by a more creative team. Great film, about as much comedy as I can handle in one horror film.

*Zombie Holocaust. – A new one for me!!  Same islands, natives, hero’s, director, special effects team and OST as many other Zombie movies but so cool, anyone notice that the doctor looks like a hobo version of Harvey Keital?

Dorian Grey – last movie of the weekend it was 2am but strangely I remember watching the film  before and thinking it was a massive failure but it wasn’t that bad.. I still think that it needed more of an OST some charm and character and Dorian could have been a real bad boy but it will continue to be a hard story to entertain for me. I am still in love with the original.

Dorian Gray