the Thaw (2009)


TAGLINE: This spring the sacrifice begins…

Synopsis: A Research expedition to the arctic discovered that a melting polar ice cap has released deadly prehistoric parasite.

This is a psychological thriller from the budding director Mark A Lewis (Ill Fated), blending ecology, science, history and horror together is bound to leave a movie open for judgement, but sadly The Thaw manages to fall flat..

A research team headed by Dr Kruipen (Kilmer) ttranquilizea polar bear then discover the frozen remains of a Woolly Mammoth. As the polar bear thaws out it’s soon realised that it is a carrier of a prehistoric infestation of insects and the crew soon succumb, in the final scenes Kruipen is seen asking his daughter to come to the station. Cut Scene, Kripien’s estranged and intellectual science type daughter Evelyn (Macisaac – Last house on the left (2009)) heads up a team to go an visit her father with a few bright infection fodder teens and that’s when things start to go wrong and the team start to realize what dangers have been unleashed.

Despite Kilmer headlining the cast the film is held together by Macisaac and Ashmore, There were a lot of missed opportunities and very little sense of direction in the plot in this film, what is it trying to say? The older actors seemed to have had better reactions to the what was going on around them, I’d imagined a lot of this was green screened, but generally the scenes were simply strolled through like a walk in the park.

I was hoping for a few homage’s to the great ice station films from the past, especially in the horror categories but no tributes here, can anyone make a scene as eerie as finding the abandoned Norwegian station in The Thing (1982) Some of the highlights did include a fairly entertaining amputation scene (every infection movie has to have one). But it’s nothing on Dead Snow – Dod Sno (2009). The insects are OK, a good quality GCI but I can’t say they freaked me out in anyway.

Fundamentally it’s nothing to write home about, it has an underlying poignant message about global warming and over population but sadly no boobs and moderate amounts of gore. But it’s just not all that scary. My personal advice is to avoid and watch Blutgietscher (2013) instead.



Rating : 4/10.

R: Blutgietscher (Blood Glacier) (2013) Squirm (1976), Growth(2009), The Thing (1982) Cabin Fever (2002)

TIL: Despite your girlfriend being perfectly healthy, then contracting lots of insect bites and falling ill, there is no chance that you have the same infection it’s gotta be a STD.

BS: Amputation scene.. It’s not the most gory but it’s a highlight in this chiller of a film.

L: Infection Films, Type of Infections in films

DGI: Chug a beer every time someone gets taken out by the bugs..

5B: Val Kilmer

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