April 2015 Film watch list

A fairly quiet month, with a lot of time taken up with a few epic films here and here, I managed to watch Blood in Blood out a couple of times, it had been a while and there is so much bravado I had to watch it twice before I put it away for a little while. A few new films chucked in there, some old some new. I am liking the new style of British horror movies and a cult classic of the future in Wyrmwood road of the dead I feel!

Never Back Down 2
Death Factory *
Taken 3*
Star Knight *
Let us Pray *
The Name of the Rose
Scream of the Wolf*
Welcome to the Punch *
Pig Hunt
Gambler *
Name of the Rose
Con Air
The Demon *
Howling IV
Blue Wild Yonder*
Uncle Boonme who can recall his past lives*
Calvaire – The Ordeal
Assembly *
Let us Pray
Name of the Rose
Johnny Handsome *
Curse of the demon
Digging up the Marrow *
Amen *
Horror Of Snape Island *
Rocky III
Death Rides a Horse
Borrower *
Blood in Blood Out
Werewolf : the beat among us
Hwanghea – Yellow Sea *
Exists *
The Room
Last of the Mohicans
Dark Crystal
Wizard of Mars *
Marie Antoinette
Omen 2
Roadside *
Troll Hunter
Blood in Blood Out
Found *
From the Dark *
Pumping Iron
Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead *
UFC 186
Tales from the Crypt : Demon Night
Mutant Hunt
The Barber*
Kill List
Find Me*
Indiana Jones
Till Sunset*
Maniac Cop
Escape from Alcatraz *
Never Back Down 2
Escape from Alcatraz

Total 74

New 30

Best New Hwanghea – Yellow Sea *

Worst New Find me / Death Factory

· Digging up the Marrow
· Tales from the Crypt : Demon Night
· Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead
· Intacto
· Clown
· Scream of the Wolf
· Frost/Nixon
· Welcome to the Punch
· Blood in Blood out

POST DISCUSSION – Kill List (2011)

Please note this post discussion is a post discussion, therefore it’s full of spoilers it discloses information about the ENTIRE film (yes including the ending) and these following movies, the Mist (2007) and a Serbian Film (2010), ABC’s of Death (2012), A Field in England (2013), Dragon (2011),  History of Violence (2005), Angel Heart (1987),Skeleton Key (2005)  and Devil Rides Out (1968),Borderlands (2013),Dead Man’s Shoes (2004), Oldboy (2003).

So if you’ve not seen them it’s probably better not to read on..

Kill List title

Kill list is one of the more talked about modern British films, in fact I think Ben Wheatley has sparked off a lot of new interest in his films by making them rather curious,  most of it is missed in one single sitting and do advise that you watch it again for full appreciation. It’s one of those films that when you get to the end (and if you enjoyed the film) then you’ll want to go through it again looking for clues and hints that show the path in which Jay was being led. Although nothing is written in stone it’s all up for interpretation. And here are a few of my ideas and way out theories. Continue reading POST DISCUSSION – Kill List (2011)

Post Discussions a new section coming soon…

As much as I am a novice in writing movie reviews I am extremely good at shooting the breeze about them. With my overactive imagination and unwillingness to sleep I can often start to over think and as I watch so many darn movies I find my vices end up going hand in hand and I start to over think movies.

Initially I set up this movie blog with 3 main reasons in mind, one was to write movie lists, they are taking longer than I thought but I have a lot on the back burner, so watch out for those. The second reason was to learn how to write a movie review.. it’s going to be a long road for that one to come about.. but I think I’m getting better with practice, and the third reason was to waffle on about movies, not to sell them or advertise them in a review but to really waffle on about them in my own bizarre way. So I’m finally getting around to Spoilerville where I can talk about endings, the entire plot, and well basically anything I want to.

I will try my best to keep the disclaimers on the Post Discussion pages today I will enable the header and away I go in the neitherworld.



Misery (1990)


Misery  (Horror, Thriller, 1990) (18) D: Rob Reiner W: Stephen King (book) William Goldman (screenplay) P: Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman + C: James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth, Frances Sternhagen, Lauren Bacall. 1h 47m. USA.

Synopsis : Paul Sheldon, a successful novelist, is rescued after a snow storm by his “Number One Fan” and must rewrite his latest novel to her liking in order to stay alive.

TAGLINE : The Tide has Come

Skillfully adapted from a much loved Stephen King novel of the same name, Misery is a well crafted, superbly acted charismatic tales of a writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is held captive after a car crash by a former nurse Annie Wliks (Kathy Bates). During their time together the broken and vulnerable  writer has to fight for his survival against a bi polar, suicidal, politely aggressive OCD psychopath.

The film is a total marvel, the characters are so unique and well developed, there is a display of amazing  from the small cast of 5 main actors. Caan is unusually nice, as he spends most of the film doped up, in pain or just plain scared. There is a grizzled sheriff played by Farnsworth who was a nice addition  as the character wasn’t in the original book, the scenes of him and his “Deputy” are very memorable.


There is evidence of a firm hand and great direction from Rob Reiner, as his second Stephen King adaptation the film has a more claustrophobic yet homely atmosphere than his previous Stand by Me (1986). In his captors quaint cottage hideaway the unlucky writer is forced to face his fears and Wilks’s  inner demons. Between the strange violent outbursts he manages to  befriend her, uncover her dark past, write a novel and forge various escape plans to the setting of a romantic Liberace soundtrack.

Stephen King has a lot of rolling themes with his work, after suffering a car crash himself and writing through his recovery you can understand the personal fears that would have cropped up in such a vivid mind. Misery is one of the direct influences of such an event. Often we think of the recovery process and horrors that might occur in the real world, but chucking in a  plump nurse and a snowy setting suddenly the fears a magnified beyond all belief.

miserywilksMisery is infused with lots of sarcastic dark humor and the detailed character development causes some hauntingly realistic scenarios. It’s a horror story in both the visual sense and in a psychological approach. Attempts are made to understand Annies broken mind. The interactions between the two lead actors is magical, the contrast of the powerful male figure being crippled and forced into a submissive role could be questionable. There is also a healthy relationship between two other characters the sheriff and deputy, a couple who in contrast have a mutual love (with some added spice), whereas Annie and Paul have a slightly different relationship, and it does happen, in the broad strokes a relationship is forged between them, not a nice one, but they soon start to learn eachothers character through their crazy situation.


This is what true horror is about, without huge special effects and with no visible monsters, the fear factor of this movie are the inner demons and what the extent of one human beings twisted mind. Contrasted with a lovely warm home, floral wallpaper and a cardigan crusader nurse,  it puts you out of your comfort zone,  there are some crazy torture scenes, amplified but a change in the weather might i add, but there is no dungeon,  simply a laura ashley bedroom and jello afterwards.

Rating –  10/10

V: It’s hard to find fault with this movie, the atmosphere, candid scenes, music, drama and action are all fantastic. It’s a great story and the actors really make an example of what acting should be about. I suppose some bods out there have found some goofs here and there but it’s nothing major and doesn’t distract from the film at all . It’s a golden example of what tense thrillers should be like. A well deserved Oscar for Kathy Bates.

Q : “Eat it you sick twisted fuck

BS: I adore the opening scene when Paul is leaving the Cabin and he’s driving through the snow listening to Shotgun by Junior Walker and the all stars,  then the big red letters of MISERY get splayed across the screen. Similar adaptations of this appear in Funny Games  1997) and Cabin in the Woods (2012).

TIL : Never trust a nurse. Never go driving in a blizzard and Never piss off your No.1 Fan.

DGI : Your allowed x10 drinks one for every bone broken and some champagne for the dinner scene!

5B : James Caan, Kathy Bates, Stephen King adaptations

L: Stephen King Movies, Snow Movies, Cabin Movies, Friendly Serial Killers, Books in films, Held Captive, Films about Books, Films about Writers, Duo Movies.

PD : Post Discussion coming soon.



March 2015 – Film watch list.

Third month is and starting to pick up the pace, it feels good to fight those demons and watch more new movies rather than re watching old ones ALL the time. finally starting to cut those apron strings, I just need more time to write reviews!

Bad timing

Pumping Iron
Company of Wolves
Paris Lockdown
Honeymoon *
Double Vision
The Ascent *
Turks and Cacos *
Scintilla / Hybrid *
Pumping Iron
Grizzly – Red Machine *
Bad Milo!
The Taking of Deborah Logan *
Zed and Two Noughts *
The Thief *
Black Sea *
Naked Lunch
Edge of Tomorrow *
Saturn 3
There Will be Blood
Discopath *
Don’t go into the House *
Valhalla Rising
Vice *
Moon 44
To Sir With Love *
Dirty Harry
House of Last Things *
Retreat *
The One that got away
Pyramid *
Saw V
Silent Retreat *
Krampus the Christmas Devil *
Thirteen Ghosts
Not all There *
Serbian Film
A Perfect Storm
Blood Glacier
Last of the Mohicans
Tangerines – Mandariindi *
Young and Dangerous *
Black Moon Rising
The Jackal *
Dod Sno 2 – Dead Snow 2 *
Sleep Tight *
Kung Fu Killer *
Cyber Tracker *
First Blood
Vlad Tepes *
Under Siege
Hot Rod
Vengeance *
Under Siege
Spirited Away
Hannibal Rising
Bad Timing *
Human Centipede
Day Breaker
Human Centipede
Chemical peel
Interstella *
Inside Llewyn Davis *

Total 89

New 31

Best New Inside Llewyn Davis

Worst New Cyber Tracker


Tangerines picking

  • Tangerines – Mandariindi
  • Thief
  • The Ascent
  • Sleep Tight
  • Not all there

Selected Tournament Films

A big thank you to the Gavster and Columbo for helping me on a couple of items for this list 😀

Every now and again, a man or group of men have to prove themselves worthy but not kicking ass just once… but several times.. they enter a tournament to prove their worth. The aspect has influenced cinema and sports for several years, here’s my list of obvious and slightly sketchy tournament based movies.


01.Bloodsport (1988)

Van Damme’s earliest talking action film, has him running from the police (Forest Whitaker et al) and partaking in a secret tournament where the players often fight to the death, possibly the cheesy start of a new western genre of tournament style movies. It reintroduces martial arts into popular cinema and helped boost many new careers. JCVD is typically terrible in his acting but the fight scenes are impressive. JCVD has to fight up the ranks to challenge the reigning Kumite champion Bolo Young. 7/10

Continue reading Selected Tournament Films

Spotlight – Tom Towels RIP

Sadly the charismatic Tom Towels past away on 2nd April. I thought it was a terrible late April Fools Day joke. But sadly the great actor who perfected the art of being a scumbag is no longer with us. Here are my 5 selected Tom Towels movies.


05.Fortress (1992)wpid-tom-towles-fortress.png

Director Stuart Gordon needed a few prized assholes to play tough bullies in this futuristic prison flick, one role went to the chiseled Vernon Wells, and his trusty obnoxious side kick is the giggling Tom Towels. He knows how to be a prick although is eventually recruited onto to the good guys team after the untimely death of his partner and still remains to be a prick! A memorable part for Tom and a great sci fi flick. 7/10

Continue reading Spotlight – Tom Towels RIP

One Winters Night

One Winters Night 2

Duration 7.07

Dir: Emlyn Boyle/USA?/2011

Accomplished artist and poet Emlyn Boyle has created this dark and delightful animation set to a self written poem, in the style of Tim Burton or Gorey, comes a simplistic yet haunting gothic take. Of a creature who creeps and stalks it’s victims by night.

One Winters Night

The story is reminiscent of European folklore,  especially the Scandinavian tales of various forest creatures although European stories rarely have a happy ending, on the other side One Winters Night will leave you guessing what might happen next, I adore it, it really does show you how to expand art through different mediums and that you don’t need to be an expert in Maya to do it. The rustic charm runs throughout and I hope to see more from Emlyn.





Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

inside llewyn davis

Inside Llewyn Davis (Drama, Music 2013) (15) D: Ehan and Joel Coen: P: W: Joel and Ethan Coen: C: Oscar Isaac, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, Garret Hedlund, F Murray Abrahm 1h 44m. USA. 

Synopsis: A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene in 1961.

A traumatic and emotional week in the life of a folk singer called Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) in this melancholic twilight hazed film.  Its simplistic, thought provoking and heavily sprinkled with the Coen Brothers special blend of unusual characters and situations. The pathetic Llewyn is subjected to a run of shitty luck. Starting out crashed on a friends sofa his luck continually finds new lows past rock bottom, he loses his friends cat, has a foul run in with his ex, pisses off a ton of people and makes a ton of bad decisions while dragging his sorry ass from sofa to sofa via the freezing back streets all in the pursuit of becoming a world famous folk singer superstar, there are several injections of authentic live performances throughout..
The Coens have given some hints that the film is loosely based on a concept of something that could have happened to Dave Van Ronk, a similar Greenwich Village folk singer/songwriter from the 6-s

Hiding between all the rejection and tense situations there is a suggestion that Llewyn might actually have some talent, this is summed up in one quiet but magnificent scene, when he meets a goatee faced F. Murray Abraham’s in a small cameo who after hearing Llewyn play, candidly sums up the matter as “I don’t see any money in it..” this is just another knock down of many for Lleywn who by this time is taking it all in his stride. Along the way he meets an aggressive jazz player Ronald Turner (John Goodman), who gives his much useless rambling advice and mocks the suicide of a former partner of Llewlyn and everything to do with folk music, there is a pivotal names hulk who supplies an alleyway beat down, a righteous do good singer/soldier and a hairy aloof Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund) who just doesn’t give a shit.

inside llewyn davis goodman

With many intertwined themes running throughout, the most obvious the cat or cats who are lost and found that seems to spark subtle changes in luck but for every step forwards there are two steps back.

It brings together significant elements from the early ‘60s scene through the missed opportunities and run of bad luck of one mild mannered and beaten down folk singer, it seems that his downfall is merely a catalyst for the Greenwich scene. The un-named sacrifice.

Skilfully filmed with a grand cast and exceptional script, even if your not into folk music, there isn’t enough singing to turn this into a musical. It’s bleak yet funny having a complex back story smartly embroidered all over. It’s charming as well as being dark, another triumph for the Coens.

You are certain to miss much during the first viewing and it’s a charm the second time around.


Rating : 10/10

R: A Serious Man (2009) O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000) Nebraska (2013) This must be the place (2011)

Q: “Folk singer with a cat, you queer?”
“Your like king Midas’s idiot brother”
“This will interest you”

BS: I really adore a simple scene where Llewyn is in the car with the cat on his lap, and him and cat move together throughout the scene..
OST: Live singing by Oscar Isaac throughout!
L: Musicians in film, Musicians on film, Road Trips, Cats on Film,
5B: John Goodman, Coen Movies
DGI: Knock a shot for all of Llewyn’s bad luck.. I’m sure he could do with one too.



February 2015 Film watch list

Only the second month of the year in and totaled up another 70+ movies, not doing too bad considering it’s a short month.

Hurt locker 8/10
Ivanhoe *
30 Days of Night
UFC 183
Grimm Love
The True Story of Dracula – Dark Prince *
The Fountain *
Open Water 2 *
Hawk the Slayer
Tale of Tales
Chemical Peel
Millers Crossing
Bothersome Man – Den Brysomme Mannen
Riot Club *
Mr Jones *
Where Eagles Dare
Kill the Messenger *
Huff – Big Bad Wolf *
Troll Hunter
Inseminoid *
Dark Angel
13th Warrior
World Made Straight *
Dark Angel
Hangar 10 *
The Godfather
The Fighter
Silence of the Lambs
Diverted *
Sick Survive the Night *
Road North – The Pohjoiseen *
Valhalla rising
American Heist *
Man Bites Dog
Banshee Chapter *
Convict *
Howling IV
Valhalla Rising
UFC 187
Animal *
Full Metal Jacket
Toxic Avenger II *
La Tarantola Dal Ventre Nero – Black Belly of the Tarantula *
Atticus Institute *
Starwdogs *
Death and Cremation *
Age of Uprising *
Call of Cthulhu *
A Single Shot
The Machine *
Across the River *
Before Night Falls *
Blade Master *
Kill Your Darlings *
Full Metal Jousting 2/3
UFC 184
Conan the Barbarian
Blade Master
Foxcatcher *
GI Joe the Movie
The Right Stuff
Séance the Summoning *

Total 78

New 32

Best New Before Night Falls

Worst New Huff – Big Bad Wolf


  • Riot Club
  • Foxcatcher
  • Manhunter
  • The Machine
  • Kill Your Darlings
  • Across the River
  • Banshee Chapter
  • Atticus Institue