Krampus : The Christmas Devil (2013)



Krampus : The Christmas Devil (Action, Horror, Thriller 2013) () D: Jason Hull: P: W: Jason Hull: C: Jay Dobyns, Paul Ferm, AJ Leslie 1h 22m. USA.

TAGLINE : Are you on the naughty list?

Synopsis: Jeremy, a local police officer leads a life of a confusing past, spending his current time searching for his kidnapper as a child. After other children begin missing, Jeremy pieces together the truth and realizes that his childhood kidnapper could be a creature of ancient yuletide lore, Krampus, who is the brother of St. Nick, and punisher of children who perform acts of unspeakable evil without repercussion. Can Jeremy kill Krampus and prevent more missing children?


A low budget horror not made for the critics but is something for the (psychotropic) fans!!! Krampus isn’t a masterpiece, it has buff acting, terrible timing and dialogue and crappy effects but its dreadfully entertaining if your not looking for a film that takes itself too serious.


The director Jason Hull has made some better films but nothing quite as unique as Krampus. It was hard for me to watch at the beginning, people fumbling around with the props and mumbling their lines instead of trying to portray their characters and not much happens, but after the team of expert cops figure out how to utilize their plastic guns the film gets a lot better (when I say better I mean.. less bad) and became less of a chore to watch. I personally like some of the unassuming quirks of the Krampus character, he’s a pervert so therefore a great bad guy, he has super speed when running over good guys in the woods, he’s now Santa’s brother. Maybe they could have added in some scenes of him kicking back with his sex slave. Oh yeah, Krampus has a naked plaything in his cave, therefore this film has boobies! and Krampus is really the Christmas Pervert.

Several aspects are unexplained. Like when did Santa and Krampus move to Pennsylvania and when did they become brothers? Why is no one looking for missing booby girl (she’s fun), why does Krampus only look for local children to punish? But this works for the duration of the film leaves us in some suspense as apposed to elongated explanations. And why is the best acting has been left to the credits. One of the features this B Movie has that I don’t see often is the blooper reel and out takes added into the closing credits, until then I really was going to rate it as a 1/10 but it brought it all home. Sometimes a movie is supposed to be fun, you’re supposed to have fun making it happen and this is clearly shown in this outtakes including more boobs so keep watching or at least watch the end.

The mayhem that is Krampus will be a love or hate movie, I’d imagine more people would hate it, as they will be expecting a well-scripted scary hard-hitting dark movie. When really it’s a confusing meld of darkly amusing slasher flick and slow paced cop drama with some fun bits blundered into the mix. Honestly steer clear if you take your filmage seriously. On the other hand if this is something you enjoy, there will be more with Krampus the Devil Returns (2016).



Rating : 2/10

R: River of Darkness (2011) Krampus (2015)

L: Christmas Movies, Legends Come Alive

DGI: Just drink constantly throughout.. Eventually it will get good.