Black Water Gospel


Duration 9.33

Dir: Bo Mathorne /UK/2011

A god fearing desert community in a western wasteland lead by a perverse minister who controls his flock through fear and promises of heaven are suddenly faced with a mysterious dark silent stranger who descends on the town. But why…

The animation is backed with a soulful song by Justin Cross called Drink the water in some renditions ( . Otherwise you have a great sounding ost and realistic effects.


Graphically the film is very uniquely characterised by an urban kustom graphic style of art,  enhanced by superb 3D renders  its incredibly rustic and vibrant in movements and structure. The clarity of the graphics are beautful ,  style and atmosphere is top notch.

The story playes along a similar plot of Needful Things (1993) the main character is dark and sinister. The top hat and wide smile reminds me of Tom Petty, basically a devil who descends apon the town to feed, but there is a twist.

There is a great story here, it harbours a lot of moral questions worth paying attention to. It’s beautful to watch an the option of having it all set to a stunning song. You just cant go wrong, Mathorne seriously needs to make more of this kinda magic.


R: 10/10