Spotlight – Tom Towels RIP

Sadly the charismatic Tom Towels past away on 2nd April. I thought it was a terrible late April Fools Day joke. But sadly the great actor who perfected the art of being a scumbag is no longer with us. Here are my 5 selected Tom Towels movies.


05.Fortress (1992)wpid-tom-towles-fortress.png

Director Stuart Gordon needed a few prized assholes to play tough bullies in this futuristic prison flick, one role went to the chiseled Vernon Wells, and his trusty obnoxious side kick is the giggling Tom Towels. He knows how to be a prick although is eventually recruited onto to the good guys team after the untimely death of his partner and still remains to be a prick! A memorable part for Tom and a great sci fi flick. 7/10

04.Henry  : portrait of a serial killer (1986)wpid-henry_portrait_of_a_serial_killer_tom_towles_and_m11.jpg

In this role Tom gets to play the role of Ottis Toole the infamous serial killer, to be honest the characters seem a little loose compared to the footage and confessions of the real killers but that was intended, still there is a lot of non direct video nasty as the killings of his room mate; Henry and recounted. Tom plays a retarded giggling redneck pervert with a taste for death, a perfect role for him. 7/10


03.Night of the Living Dead  (1990)wpid-tumblr_nmcxdhxouj1thr7ppo1_500.jpg

Captain scumbag is back for round three, in this guise Tom plays, a useless husband, shit dad and total twat who endangers everyone around him during a zombie outbreak. If anyone was going to write a book of what NOT to do when the undead start swarming they could get some inspiration here. This was the first time I had seen Tom with hair.. I was scared and didn’t believe it was him. 7/10


02.House of 1000 corpses (2003)wpid-tom-towles.jpg

Finally a role with Tom who plays a slightly less abrasive character, as officer Wydell who is a fair, but harsh cop who has to investigate the disappearance of some teens out in buttfuckland. With another regular baldie Sig Haig as the infamous Captain Spalding, the two have one classic shiny clash before Tom gets his ego massages by Madame Firefly (Karen Black). 10/10


01.The Borrower (1991)


This is a candid addition. Its hard to find a movie where Tomhas a huge part, hes not also king of the douchebags he’s king of the bit parts. This film is one of the better off the wall 80’s sci fi horror comedies (were there many??) Tom is one of the faces of an alien who has been de-evolved and placed on earth as his punishment, the only problem is that randomly his head explodes and he needs to replace it. Tom is one of these guises.. and he’s so super cool as a rat eating alien scumbag! 6/10



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