Selected Tournament Films

A big thank you to the Gavster and Columbo for helping me on a couple of items for this list 😀

Every now and again, a man or group of men have to prove themselves worthy but not kicking ass just once… but several times.. they enter a tournament to prove their worth. The aspect has influenced cinema and sports for several years, here’s my list of obvious and slightly sketchy tournament based movies.


01.Bloodsport (1988)

Van Damme’s earliest talking action film, has him running from the police (Forest Whitaker et al) and partaking in a secret tournament where the players often fight to the death, possibly the cheesy start of a new western genre of tournament style movies. It reintroduces martial arts into popular cinema and helped boost many new careers. JCVD is typically terrible in his acting but the fight scenes are impressive. JCVD has to fight up the ranks to challenge the reigning Kumite champion Bolo Young. 7/10

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