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As much as I am a novice in writing movie reviews I am extremely good at shooting the breeze about them. With my overactive imagination and unwillingness to sleep I can often start to over think and as I watch so many darn movies I find my vices end up going hand in hand and I start to over think movies.

Initially I set up this movie blog with 3 main reasons in mind, one was to write movie lists, they are taking longer than I thought but I have a lot on the back burner, so watch out for those. The second reason was to learn how to write a movie review.. it’s going to be a long road for that one to come about.. but I think I’m getting better with practice, and the third reason was to waffle on about movies, not to sell them or advertise them in a review but to really waffle on about them in my own bizarre way. So I’m finally getting around to Spoilerville where I can talk about endings, the entire plot, and well basically anything I want to.

I will try my best to keep the disclaimers on the Post Discussion pages today I will enable the header and away I go in the neitherworld.