April 2015 Film watch list

A fairly quiet month, with a lot of time taken up with a few epic films here and here, I managed to watch Blood in Blood out a couple of times, it had been a while and there is so much bravado I had to watch it twice before I put it away for a little while. A few new films chucked in there, some old some new. I am liking the new style of British horror movies and a cult classic of the future in Wyrmwood road of the dead I feel!

Never Back Down 2
Death Factory *
Taken 3*
Star Knight *
Let us Pray *
The Name of the Rose
Scream of the Wolf*
Welcome to the Punch *
Pig Hunt
Gambler *
Name of the Rose
Con Air
The Demon *
Howling IV
Blue Wild Yonder*
Uncle Boonme who can recall his past lives*
Calvaire – The Ordeal
Assembly *
Let us Pray
Name of the Rose
Johnny Handsome *
Curse of the demon
Digging up the Marrow *
Amen *
Horror Of Snape Island *
Rocky III
Death Rides a Horse
Borrower *
Blood in Blood Out
Werewolf : the beat among us
Hwanghea – Yellow Sea *
Exists *
The Room
Last of the Mohicans
Dark Crystal
Wizard of Mars *
Marie Antoinette
Omen 2
Roadside *
Troll Hunter
Blood in Blood Out
Found *
From the Dark *
Pumping Iron
Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead *
UFC 186
Tales from the Crypt : Demon Night
Mutant Hunt
The Barber*
Kill List
Find Me*
Indiana Jones
Till Sunset*
Maniac Cop
Escape from Alcatraz *
Never Back Down 2
Escape from Alcatraz

Total 74

New 30

Best New Hwanghea – Yellow Sea *

Worst New Find me / Death Factory

· Digging up the Marrow
· Tales from the Crypt : Demon Night
· Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead
· Intacto
· Clown
· Scream of the Wolf
· Frost/Nixon
· Welcome to the Punch
· Blood in Blood out

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