Duration 7.01

Dir: Kiah Roache-Turner/Australia/2008

A high-octane powerful black comedy action short from Australian maverick  Kiah Roache-Turner whose odd ball approach adds a vivid and quick pace to his movies and this will earn him a lot of fans. Two Aussie hicks drive a masked man out into the middle of the desert and to kill him, but things don’t quite go to plan as Jay Gallagher gets more and more frustrated over the surreal troubles that crop up while he tries to perform a simple task.
Road Runner

It might be a short film but it’s full of character and laughs which is unusual for a crime flick, but despite this it’s packed with black comic moments, blood and a lot of screaming, a blend of Mad Max (1979) in the style of Evil Dead (1981) with a strong flavoring of true Warner Bros cartoon antics. The simple execution of a restrained man couldn’t be more bizarre, the only thing missing is an anvil drop.

I adore this living cartoon, the editing between the victim running and would be assassins has brilliant contrast, and adds comedy in itself to this dark story. It’s strange, even though it not clear who the masked man is, your kinda rooting for him… It’s also worth pointing out Turners obsession with Mad Max and the crime duo are driving an interceptor style car with the licence Mad Max 1979, great dedication there dude!