News – A-Z Finally Fixed!

I’ve only just had the break through brain wave on how to organised the A-Z.

It’s been bugging me for ages, but as Baz Luhrmann predicted certain thoughts blind side you on a Tuesday afternoon when you least expect it.

The A-Z. was getting pretty messy but now I’ve amended the page and the tags of the few reviews I have done and lo and behold all posts will automatically go onto the A-Z. once they have been posted! it might get some fine tuning here and there and if you’re really lucky I’ll also fancy the page up with some graphics.. but in the meantime it’s great not to have something that is up to date with minimum effort from moi… enjoy!

I’d better point out that the new system won’t be alphabetical and movies with more than one title (those listen in their native language and English) will be in both categories..