Duration 5.37

Dir: Kiah Roache-Turner/Australia/2009

Another epic action film short from Aussie Kiah Roache-Turner. In a similar vein as Roadrunner the director serves up a quick slice of mindless violence but in the guise of Rambo action tomfoolery. Using his favourite actor Jay Gallagher as the main here, spruced up in full combat gear and being attacked by hostile forces. Jay, as an unknown soldier battles bravely until a quaint twist at the end then he has to battle a new foe.

I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here with Kiah’s work, he’s obviously very happy with Jay’s acting and the two get along seamlessly. The Carlos Condit lookalike is superb in action shots and has a great War FACE!!! (show me your warface!!! Sgt Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) would be proud) I love the camp action shots and over the top antics, then the transition into the real world. The trio of hardened killers end up as squabbling children.

Another funny and violent high octane short from an overactive and talented mind.


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