The Banished One


Duration 1.34

Dir: Mattijn Franssen/Netherlands/2009

Subtle earthy animation with folklore nourished roots..

This exceptionally short mixed media story, seems to have similar style to Strings or work influenced by Del Toro. Mixing live action and puppet style animation a simple but deep story is told. The banished one, is sent away for whatever reason, out of the city into the wilderness. He bonds with the fauna, the flora is a little more difficult but eventually he takes and connects with a tree. Before the ones who banished him turn up and wage war.  He salvages what he can and flies off into the ether..

Speaking strongly about the connection of man and the natural world, the Banished One,  seems to suggest that we need to break free and demons or masters who tie us down and get back our natural kudos.  The style of natural world is very calm and neutral in contrast with the hellish scenes that start and end the movie. Shapes are key to understanding the creatures, elements of forest animal are incorporated to form new creature’s that look familiar.

Mattijn has created a simple and beautiful movie,  I believe it’s him as the live character but don’t quote me, if so it’s a great personal touch. It’s amazing just how much plot can fit into such a short time but it looks like a polished piece of work.

As an artist who works in a lot of mediums check out his website where there are many more animations and the possibility to buy some artwork.


R: 6/10