Duration 3.55

Dir: Dom Bridges/UK/2009

A creative introduction utilising a conveyor belt in a supermarket to display the credits on shopping items leads to a guy out buying a single tin of tuna, nothing exciting here, he’s obviously single,  it’s either just for him or his cat. That’s besides the point. There are no free tills, so he patiently waits as a west Indian woman queues up her shopping, but she keeps looking at him over her shoulder,  does he know her?!

Eventually as the last items are being processed she walls up to him, “you look” like my son?! She eventually whips out a wallet with a picture of an oriental man?! Then things get strange. The guy gets duped,  it’s an ok twist but it’s but it’s not a huge shocker but does ring true with the title of this brit comedy short.



The acting is excellent for what I assume are amateurs, it’s an inventive film, building solid character in a short space of time, the added bonus is that they are characters we see everyday so it’s easier to relate.

An inventive retelling of an old urban myth!





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