Link :https://youtu.be/muYFZVj-kDY – via CGBros YT channel.
Duration: 6:30
Dir : Kaleb Lechowski/Germany/2013

Written and directed by Kaleb Lechowski, produced by Rick McCallum and starring David Masterson’s docile Irish tones, this short CGI centres around the paranoid ideas of mechanical dominance, only in this instance it’s over an alien civilization but could so easily be ours. Its dark and plays out like am horrific chess game, questioning who could be more devious, man or machine . A red LED eyed tentacle machine holds a four armed alien captive in an isolated cell and describes the systematic annihilation of “his” race to allow the machines to be “free” from oppression, ignorance and emotions. The creature eventually breaks free to save his race but who’s demise he is bringing?



It’s hard not to make comparisons to the Matrix  (1999) and this could have easily have made it into one of the Animatrix (2003). While the story also mimics themes in an episode of Outer Limits entitled “Quality of Mercy (1995). R’ha plays on our primal fears of building machines who can one day overthrow us. While the imagery is perfect and motion has been captured well, there isn’t a lot to this devastating story. It’s till harrowing and helps enforce our doubts about building anything with Artificial Intelligence, and is a pleasure to watch.




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