The Offering



Duration: 9.26

Dir: Ryan Patch/USA/2014

Ryan Patch’s bio suggests that he likes telling campfire tales and it’s easy to see that they have rooted deep inside of his psyche and are aiding his production of some amazing creepy shorts. While this movie plunges straight in at the deep end with little back story, a tense father and son are travelling in blizzard regularly checking the clock and are almost over the edge with panic and fear. The father starts to prepare the “offering” giving hints that everything has to be done at a specific minute, in this case EVERY second counts.. but one item is missing!!?

I’m not going to lie I kinda saw the ending coming but didn’t want to believe it was actually going to go down like that. The film is incredibly edgy and tense!!! More so than similar full length counterparts such as Roadside (2013) which I think loses its momentum just because it’s so long. In contrast this is just long enough to give you hints of the back story and what’s about to happen before it totally wipes out your hopes of humanity. The receiver of the offering has a terrifying presence, all created and enhanced by flawless sounds and camera effect, topped up with outstanding acting this is actually a surprising good short and effective film.

I’m definitely rating this high as I adore short films that capture the imagination, and this could easily be written into a thrilling longer movie. The backstory seems amazing with so many opportunities and what could happen next proving to be too stimulating I might be writing some fan fiction and this is what makes a great film.




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