Pyramid Head VS Pyramid Head


Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill Game vs Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill Movie

Let the showdown Commence!

Silent Hill Game (1999)

Pyramid Head

The original prankster, rapist, murderer and scary mofo, was introduced to us in the Konami classic Silent Hill 2. Not that Silent Hill wasn’t scary enough the makers had to try harder for the second game. Everything that you were accustomed to was chucked aside for a whole new squad of monsters including mannequins, hoodie style spitting ghouls and Pyramid Head, a creature that nearly made me wet my pants in the demo and he didn’t even have to move, his presence was enough.

Throughout the game you’re constantly stalked by the Pointed Headed Demon, who after you see raping and killing one of the other monsters, a pair of legs, you understand that he’s down for business and if you played the game anything like me, if you saw him, you ran like a pencil neck sissy.

He was tough, so fucking hardcore that a few times in the game all you can do is run from him, even when you get his weapon from him, you still couldn’t take him out! It’s fair to say that the way in which Silent Hill was made it forces you to the edge of sanity anyway. It’s not ALL down to Pyramid Head, the sounds, creatures and disturbing acts around you are all designed to get you frightened, he was just an added bonus, the cherry on the icing. Yes I’m referring to Pyramid Head as a Cherry.. a huge hulking giant fucking pointed Cherry on the icing that is Silent Hill.

If you played the game, you’ll never forget him. NEVER

His character spurred a thousand cosplay and Halloween outfits, tattoos and thousand of Rape O’Clock memes, all for our favourite Konami bad guy with no face, no real name but full on fear factory of shaky hands and screams in the night.. I honestly do salute you sir.

Silent Hill (2006)

Silent Hill

After the success of the Konami Games,  the game franchise eventually got turned into a movie, this movie was ok, not great.. not really Silent Hill, a ton of mistakes were made, combining two games together, eliminating our favourite hero, Harry and replacing him with a woman, changing around all the great characters into not so great character and trying to explain all the mysteries made everything less scary, also a huge let down by not using Cameron Diaz as Cybil was a shocker as the character in the game was clearly her.. I dunno what they were thinking.

But Pyramid head was able to make his presence known in the film. He kinda looked like Pyramid head, the actor Roberto Campanella did an okay job at looking the part but why did they change the “hat” to black? Humm..

One of the best loved scenes from the film did include our favourite bad boy Pyramid head using some skin to knock on a church door. Apart from some stalking he didn’t really do a lot. He certainly was a pussy compared to the game.


Konami Pyramid Head is a tough ombre that caused a lot of bedwetting and got his rocks off in front of everyone. He was ruthless and lets face it not matter how tough you pretend you are, he scares you! I reckon if he was gonna do anymore raping it would be his movie counterpart sprawled out taking it like a loser…. So the original has to be the… 


Konami’s Original Pyramid Head (1999).

Pyramid Head

What do you think? Who would you chose to win this battle?

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