Predator the dark ages

Predator the dark ages 1

Duration 27:19

Dir: James Bushe/UK/2015

An epic and long awaited fan fiction extravaganza finally delivers all it respectfully promised. A quickly achieved kickstarter budget went into providing the necessaries for this amazing project.It’s one of those things pondered about over many a pint down the local,  what of predator turned up [insert location and time period here] it was briefly touched on in most of the movies; with flashbacks and props from western America and as far back as pre dated primitive worship, it seemed that Predator beas a regular visitor to our planet hunting us for sport. The most interesting scenarios were already taken but where they?!

I’ve personally always wanted to see a dark ages Knights vs predator film, for me it has always been an interesting steampunked meld of time lines,It could be argued that the terrible Star knight (1985)  was a first venture into this territory.

Predator the dark ages 2

But here it is at last, despite what hollywood would not approve the fans are doing it for themselves. While it’s slightly reminiscent of a Robin Hood style epic a small collection of Knight Templar’s pit themselves against our favourite bounty hunter who in this age is considered a demon.

It’s not the most dynamic in regards to the effects but you do honestly get more than you pay for. With a great story, superb characters, a little on the lite side but all actors very dedicated to the project.

In the 27 minute window,  the director James Bushe manages to etch a new chapter in predator history.  Not stepping on any toes and with utmost respect to the franchise. The acting is a little buff but what needs to be appreciated is that it gets to thespians quite quickly and gets into the action, what do we really need to know about the Knights to know they are Knights?!  It’s a solid movie, the acting is good, costumes and effects great,  story,  it’s a predator story without a love affair and hollywood sequel scenes.  It simply gets on with the job at hand,  

Next chapters that I’d like to see are prohibition predator, nothing better than alien technology vs a Tommy Gun! Possible some scope for predator vs terminator.  


R: 7/10

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