American Werewolf in London (1981)


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American Werewolf in London  (Horror, Comedy,  1981) (18) D: John Landis W: John Landis C: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Joe Belcher. 1h 37m. UK/USA.

Synopsis : Two American college students on a walking tour of Britain are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

TAGLINE : John Landis – the director of Animal House bring you a different kind of animal.

An american werewolf in London is a superb movie not just because of the witty script,  amazing effects and great acting but it’s also everything  that’s usually missed in all other werewolf movies. The inspiration seems to stem from three main sources, firstly the very old and traditional myth and legend of the werewolf in olde English folklore, secondly John Landis’s outlandish american amusing humor (try saying that three times in a row) and thirdly all the fears of problems that occur when an outsider meddles in local affairs. Continue reading American Werewolf in London (1981)