Spotlight – Rutger Hauer (RIP)

*note originally posted 11/09/2015

I’ve had a strange fascination with the strange blonde, blue eyed Dutch legend of cinema, since watching him in Blade Runner (1982)  and I have thoroughly enjoyed following his career up to the more recent films such as The Rite (2011) and Hobo with a Shotgun (2011). Having the versatility to play heroic champions and evil villains, Ruter has taken on a series of movie roles over the past six decades either being centre stage or as a bit part actor he seems happy to work in any setting and not too proud to work in lower budget films either. Being both a charmer and on the odd occasion a complete psycho,  with his stern features and cold eyes it’s hard to read him.part of his attraction and charm is his You can find out more about him and his works on his personal website,

01.Blade Runner (1982)  blade runner.jpg

An amazing movie all round, it’s hard to find much fault with it.Rutger plays an android who is coming to the end of his life cycle and struggles to find a way to live on while being tracked by Dekker (Harrison Ford)  a Blade Runner out to capture and retire him. Rutger gives an amazing performance as Roy Batty, he is smooth, calculating, physically active and psychotic. Adding in a lot of ad libbed sequences including the provocative “.  battleships off the shoulder of Orion…” speech this really needs to be noted as his best role. 10/10

Salute the Jugger.png02.Salute the Jugger (1989)

One of my favourite post apocalyptic movies of all time. A vicious and sometimes fatal game involving a dog skull is played out, the elite live in deep underground metropolis, Sallow (Rutger) has been banished from this paradise and now plays in the slums, trying to put together a team good enough to play in the elite again. He plays a tough one eyed leader, quite a loner and a very tough guy with a soft spot for Kidda (Joan Cheng). Without being boastful in this role he still manages to own the movie with his presence. 8/10

hobo with a shotgun.png03.Hobo with a shotgun (2011)

A crazy B-Movie style Canadian exploitation movie first featured as part of the grindhouse shorts and featuring a real hobo, although in this feature the hobo was replaced by Rutger, while the original hobo is still in the movie but he plays a cop and has a smaller part due to him running away to regularly be found on the streets. It’s was really good to see the vintage actor doing something off the wall and with a big (black) comedy element. It shows his versatility and the fact that he doesn’t take himself toooo seriously. it’s a shame it did so poorly at the box office. 6/10

ostermanweekend.jpg04.Osterman Weekend (1985)

I still don’t fully understand this film but it’s never stopped me from enjoying it. I first saw the film when I was about 7, so i hope this excuses me. It’s a typical 70s espionage style story, based on a book by Robert Ludlum. Rutger plays a reporter who’s tasked to “turn” some friends who are invited to his house for the weekend (hence the title) as they are suspected to be reds. It’s not phenomenal but I’ve always been thrilled by the social breakdown between the social group as they are spied upon by the weasily Lawrence Fassett (John Hurt). The backup team includes great performances from Chris Saradon, Dennis Hopper and Craig T Nelson (who i refer to only as the dad from Poltergeist (1982). 7/10

hitcher.png05.Hitcher (1986)

In this tense desert psychological thriller Ruter plays John Ryder (possibly a name chosen as it’s based on the Doors song,  Riders on the storm song). He’s a perfect choice for a skeletal bipolar nutjob. He stalks and torments a young man, Jim (C Thomas Howell) while killing freely up and down the highway like it’s going out of fashion. During the filming Howell was constantly wary of Rutger due to his unusual and intense nature. 8/10

Its always a pleasure to see the sly faced Dutch potato farmer, be it in a Guinness advert to low budget straight to video. In his own private time he’s done a lot for some very good causes such as the Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation that helps people suffering with AIDS.

3 thoughts on “Spotlight – Rutger Hauer (RIP)”

  1. Nice reviews. I’ve only seen Blade Runner and Osterman Weekend – both are intriguingly complex. I thought it was fun seeing Hauer turn up in Lexx – a scifi series with a nice mix of celeb guests.

    1. Lexx was okay for the first season then I lost interest fast, but then I don’t watch tv and long running series really do my head in.. BUT Lexx did interest me, it was really refreshing to see something so creative, I can’t remember a lot of the special guests though 😦 Do you know how long it went on for?

      1. I know it ran 4 seasons, maybe 5. The first was best, in my opinion, consisting of 4 films with guests stars such as Hauer and Malcolm McDowell.
        I’m with you on long running series I got lost with The X Files and Lost resulting in my embracing old shows of the single episode story variety!

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