The Escort

Duration : 6.19

Dir: Michael Lewis/USA/2014

The Escort works as a scary short film as you don’t need a lot of backstory to  appreciate the situation, it would maybe make it less scary as this is a revelation and great pivotal moment caught in this in sinister short. With the bitter slice of domestic abuse the Escort chucks in a new paranormal spin and within second the movie turns from drama into one of your darkest mortal fears almost literally creeping into focus. The film is made by Michael Lewis the man behind Whispers (2013) and a handful of other well made shorts. You can’t deny he has a talent for unusual morbid tales akin to such maestros as Clive Barker.  The acting is slightly on the shoddy side but the message is very clear and the effects are simple and striking. It’s worth the few minutes of your time that it will take up. It has some resemblance to a BBC radio play called Lasting Impression.

R :6/10