5 Selected – Ray Wise

Ray Wise

I have to admit that I have a teeny crush on Ray Wise,  but who couldn’t fall for his charm, the tall dark handsome stranger of anyone’s nightmares.  Generally I manage to see him in a lot of horror movies,  but that’s obvious due to the nature of my blog,  I’m rather partial to horror! I really think Mr Wise should have had more lead roles and I’m impressed with his constant contributions no matter how small but sadly the one character I’d love to see him as; the devil, was in a TV show and as we all know I don’t watch tv… I guess I’m going to have to make an exception.

ray wise robocop
01.Robocop (1987)

The iconic 80s sci fi had a host of amazing characters, literally every one influenced some film or show at point, while Ray didn’t play the most influential person, he did have some memorable scenes including a fight with Robocop on the dance floor of an industrial club, shooting Robocop in the chest and generally being one of the coolest members of Clarence’s gang. 10/10 [REVIEW]

Ray wise jeepers02.Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

In this long awaited sequel, Wise gets to play Jack Taggart, a surly farmer who loses his young son to the Creeper and stays ever bitter and vigilant awaiting this return in 23 years, then goes out on a crazed revenge hunt with a harpoon attached to his pick up. He’s pretty amazing in this role, coming across as both a protective father and tough hombre. He’s a great hero against one of the more creative new monsters in horror movie history. 6/10

ray wise swamp thing03.Swamp Thing (1982)

One of the few amazing comic to movie adaptations from the legendary Wes Craven. The original green peace activist super hero is played by two actors, before his transformation he’s Dr. Alec Holland, who while being a brilliant biologist is also a tree hugging hippy who loves the swamp. Despite only being in the movie for the first quarter he’s  brilliant at bringing alive the most important aspects of the Swamp Thing. 9/10 

ray wise dead end04.Dead End (2003)

A pound shop find that turned out to be great, A family travelling at Christmas find themselves trapped on the same road while encountering bizarre strangers. Ray plays the dad and has a great scene presence with Lyn Shaye who plays his wife. Its an odd film but the two veteran actors keep the film alive with great acting, a comical approach and a lot of ad libbing. 7/10 [REVIEW]

Digging up the marrow Ray Wise

05.Digging up the Marrow (2014)

This film blew me away, I adore found footage movies and this was really taking things to a new level. From a relatively new director Adam Green, it’s a diary style movie of a fan (Ray) who contacts him to expose that monsters are real,  he really pulls off this difficult and curious character with style. Overall a sterling performance from Ray in this difficult and often misunderstood film.7/10 [REVIEW]

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