The Walk (2015)



Finally finished watching this and while I was expecting the film to accentuate any fears of heights I might have and to give me some sensations of vertigo, even without seeing it in 3D, it was also quite entertaining, but there were a few moments that it really did make my stomach churn.

It was difficult watching an American  put on a french accent even though it was done to suitably, could no french actor perform this role? Maybe someone who looked a little bit more like Philippe Pettit? I dunno I’m being uber critical. Either way the film is pretty  enjoyable if not a little too long. I can see that it was a massive American Ego Massage about their beloved twin towers and I can imagine that there will be many more homages to the buildings coming out on film soon. I’m starting to feel sorry for the Empire State Building as it used to be the most iconic American building in cinema history and it’s now being overtaken by two buildings that don’t exist anymore.

Overall the film is well acted especially by Ben Kingsley as the grumpy old Papa Rudy, the entire film is beautifully shot, from the warm rustic scenes in the French section of the movie, almost akin to the surreal landscapes of Junet but the re creation of the twin towers in the bustling city it was kinda haunting and from what I know accurate, but what do I know? I doubt anyone would really go through and verify the accuracy.. although there are some amazing photos from the original stunt, and I hope that Philippe had a lot of input into the movie, it has good levels of tension and re creates a sense of passion for the extreme.


Full review coming soon…

September 2015 Film List

A pretty quiet month on the movie front, only because I was besotted with the Rugby World cup and spent most of my time watching burly guys throwing themselves at each other..  I needed a lot of recovery time.


* Tentacles 5/10
Gangster No1
Medusa Touch
* A Little Chaos 7/10
* Cry of the owl 3/10
* Kawa 6/10
* Wasteland 3/10
* Rise of the Krays 4/10
Pitch Black
UFC 191
Robocop 3
The Other Boleyn
* Curse of the Werewolf 7/10
* Frankenstein Reborn 2/10
Brooklyn’s Finest
* Long Good Friday 7/10
Deer Hunter
Rats – AKA Deadly Eyes
* The Signal 3/10
The Crazies (r)
* The Hobbit 1 7/10
* The Hobbit  2 8/10
Grim Parie Tales
* The Hobbit 3 8/20
* The Canal 4/10
* The Harvest 6/10
* My name is Joe 7/10
* Club Life 6/10
* A Promise 7/10
A Promise
Iron heart
Omega Man
Hobbit 2
Jeepers Creepers 2
Pumping Iron
Ninth Gate
Open Range
Maniac Cop
* Vampyr 9/10
* Osterman Weekend 7/10

Total 56
New 22
Best New : Vampyr
Worst New : Frankenstein Reborn


  • Escapist
  • Long Good Friday
  • Kawa
  • Brothers
  • A Promise
  • Omega Man

Night Night Nancy


Duration 4.57
Dir: Lewis Farinella /??/2015

After watching the short film Lights Out, I was pretty terrified of a lot of things, my phone, the dark, and creepy noises, YouTube and short films about going to bed or waking up… but as I am a glutton for pain and jumped right back into the scary box with this dark tale. Although it starts out really well, a young woman awakes to a text from her boyfriend, but soon realises that not all is what it seems. It reminds me of a creepypasta, but a lot of short horrors are like creepy pastas..  I dunno something just didn’t gel with me, from the moment Nancy notices someone wandering around her kitchen and lazily runs into her bedroom, then texts her boyfriend to tell him there is someone there and that she’s going to call the police but doesn’t lock the door or turn the sound off or call the police!? I kinda wanted her dead. Never mind go and hide in the wardrobe, that always works.

It’s ok I suppose, I think a lot of these horrors are going to have to try harder to impress me while I still have that haunting image of that “creature” from Lights Out, damn that has created a new benchmark! lol

I felt that the beginning was a little slow, and it does develop into something that could be great but then just ended up throwing all the scary story cliches into the mix until it became ridiculous. On the plus side nothing  is wrong with the actual filming and the acting is ok. Just a bit of refining and we’re onto a winner. I’m only being harsh because I know Farinella has made better films and I will get around to reviewing more of his work soon.




R: 3/10

The Visit (2015)

the visit

The Visit  (Horror, Thriller,  2015) (18) D: M Night Shyamalan W: M Night Shyamalan  C: Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie, Kathryn Hahn. 1h 34m. USA.

Synopsis : A single mother finds that things in her family’s life go very wrong after her two young children visit their grandparents.

This unusual chilling found footage drama is actually quite an interesting comeback for M Night Shyamalan. Seeming to pull away from the farcical fantasies that he’s produced lately this is a first in both being a film he’s not present in and his first found footage style movie.

Playing on several horror themes such as visiting strange old creepy family members as well as potential supernatural/haunting style disturbances the film, is cloaked in lots of mysteries as well as having a jovial fun side added in by the two children who are making the film.

the visitStarting at a gradual pace with a woman talking about how she left her parents’ home a s young teen and never returning she shows some bitterness that her parents are now Councillors and have made contact over the internet with and want to see their grandchildren. She’s now getting into a relationship after a messy divorce and the children agree to visits the grands and give her some time alone. Obviously the kids Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) and  Becca (Olivia DeJonge) are budding directors/rappers and want to film the entire event and investigate what happened when their mother left. The kids travels to their parents is quite interesting and allows the viewer to get used to the crappy camera angles and the characters as they interview people on the train and each other. Once they get to the grandparents’ house all sorts of crazy shit starts to take place and they start to dig at their mother’s past and get constantly freaked out by their folks “Sundowning” other bizarre and questionable habits and outburst. Continue reading The Visit (2015)

The Gate

the gate short

Duration 8:19

Dir: Matt Westrup /UK?/ 2011
Without any blood or gore this poignant short from young director Matt Westrup slowly unfolds a fairly realistic and dangerous. In the form of a private hearing/inquest Dr William Ackerman (John Mawson) details his research into a appearance of mutants in and around London. in between his presentation to Under Secretary Johnson (Robert Rowe). We’re treated to some very stunning shots of advanced robotic police in a futuristic London, these shots are more than stunning, they are damned perfect. Westrup’s expertise is visual effects and his handiwork can be seen on his site and in films such as Underworld Evolution (2006). There is a bit of bullshit at the end about medicines that are not being screened that could cause these mutations and while it’s fake we are all aware of bogus drugs being available online and the dangers of bath salts, so who’s to say that in the future that we won’t find something more damaging to the human physiology!? But those creatures, how fucking freaky are they. It opens up  whole kettle of fears, not knowing who could turn next, not knowing if you’ve taken something yourself? It’s a really good short, it has great effects, great pacing and tells a awesome science fiction story.

R: 8/10

Lights out

lights out
Duration 2.42
Dir: David Sandberg/??/2013

Its taken me some time to write about this, mostly due to the deep psychological effect that this horror short has had on me. I wouldn’t say that I scare easily and it’s not that I’m afraid but the entity that you encounter in this film certainly does leave a lasting impression.

When you’re young and getting used to the dark nights, thinking that night lights are for babes, you probably spent as least one sleepless night huddling under the covers with your imagination running wild about malevolent creatures out there to get you!! This film took me right back there.. It’s a very simple story and one that has been doing the rounds on sleepovers, creepypastas and all sorts.

Utilising in just a few minutes, two rooms and minimal equipment and one actress, and using no dialogue, David F Sandberg has managed to create one of the scariest films ever. Why do you think it’s so scary?? Maybe I’m just a wimp?!


Rating 10/10

Creep (2014)

Creep (1)

Creep (Drama, Horror 2014) (8) D: Patrick Brice: W: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass: C: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass 1h 22m. USA.

Synopsis: When a video gamer answers a Craigslist ad for a one-day job in a remote mountain town, he finds his client is not at all what he initially seem.

This oddball movie plays out as a cross between a found footage movie and a cringe compilation from YouTube. The film feels like it was forged from a creepypasta written by a school kid, and appears to be the first of a trilogy of “creep” films. Outlining the dangers of answering a “too good to be true” advert on Craigslist and digging into the psyche of a deceptive and manipulative “creep” and adorable loser.

Aaron answers an advert posted on Craigslist, he has the incredibly easy task of filming Josef , a desperate man who is dying from cancer but insistent on making a documentary for his unborn baby boy, who he calls “buddy” through the filming. Immediately he comes across as a creepy bastard, but Aaron pursues with the now bizarre and creepy job of following Josef around filming him while he’s doing some very bizarre role play Fizz unborn baby most of this is very uncomfortable and quite boring to watch periodically Josef pulls cheap stunt and tries to jump out of a cupboard or pretends to drown in order to scare Aaron. It’s not about this time that Aaron realises but he’s had enough of the filming and the gentle manipulation the he decided to call it a day and finish the film at home when he realises what a psychotic ass hole he was dealing with and have a new challenge to face

Styled like any other phone footage of documentary movie there’s not a lot of difference between Creep and The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) for example. The filming of Josef was supposed to take up one day, but through his sweet talking and is constantly scaring Aaron and then apologising for his “weird sense of humor” the filming goes on for several days, while they were out in the wilderness aimlessly looking for a heart shaped rock in a pool I almost expected to see the crew from a Bigfoot documentary cross paths with them.

Creep (2) Continue reading Creep (2014)