Creep (2014)

Creep (1)

Creep (Drama, Horror 2014) (8) D: Patrick Brice: W: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass: C: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass 1h 22m. USA.

Synopsis: When a video gamer answers a Craigslist ad for a one-day job in a remote mountain town, he finds his client is not at all what he initially seem.

This oddball movie plays out as a cross between a found footage movie and a cringe compilation from YouTube. The film feels like it was forged from a creepypasta written by a school kid, and appears to be the first of a trilogy of “creep” films. Outlining the dangers of answering a “too good to be true” advert on Craigslist and digging into the psyche of a deceptive and manipulative “creep” and adorable loser.

Aaron answers an advert posted on Craigslist, he has the incredibly easy task of filming Josef , a desperate man who is dying from cancer but insistent on making a documentary for his unborn baby boy, who he calls “buddy” through the filming. Immediately he comes across as a creepy bastard, but Aaron pursues with the now bizarre and creepy job of following Josef around filming him while he’s doing some very bizarre role play Fizz unborn baby most of this is very uncomfortable and quite boring to watch periodically Josef pulls cheap stunt and tries to jump out of a cupboard or pretends to drown in order to scare Aaron. It’s not about this time that Aaron realises but he’s had enough of the filming and the gentle manipulation the he decided to call it a day and finish the film at home when he realises what a psychotic ass hole he was dealing with and have a new challenge to face

Styled like any other phone footage of documentary movie there’s not a lot of difference between Creep and The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) for example. The filming of Josef was supposed to take up one day, but through his sweet talking and is constantly scaring Aaron and then apologising for his “weird sense of humor” the filming goes on for several days, while they were out in the wilderness aimlessly looking for a heart shaped rock in a pool I almost expected to see the crew from a Bigfoot documentary cross paths with them.

Creep (2)
One slight difference that makes the film stand out from other found footage movies is the content; which is extremely cringe worthy and at times can get quite deep and personal, in one particular seen the two guys settle down for lunch and the camera soon turn onto Aaron buy Josef and he is asked to explain one detail embarrassing detail from his childhood what follows next is an anecdotal conversation about Aaron’s problems of wetting himself as a child this so very rare to see the camera person in a found footage movie either they are never seen it all or merely glimpsed during the movie.

It feels like most of the movie is ad libbed, it comes across as being quite natural, that part of the film is done well. What actually causes the most suffering is the content of what is actually being said , an example is when Josef   introduces Aaron to Mr Peach Fuzz which is almost like an alter ego when he puts on an insanely scary wolf mask that his father apparently used to wear when singing cheerful songs to children, the whole scene is fucking bizarre.


Being a film footage movie there isn’t much the wave background music and there is no soundtrack to speak off unless you count the Mr Peach Fuzz song and dance!?I always feel that found footage movies tend to lose out when it comes to soundtracks as it accepted that they shouldn’t have a soundtrack due to method in which the film was originally produced, but in the process of the found footage being cut into a “proper” movie it could mean that a soundtrack could have been laid during that process.

 The acting is ok, both Patrick Brice (Aaron) and Mark Duplass (Josef ) managed to play convincing parts albeit in a slightly awkward and creepy way but as they were also everything do with the movie in the direction writing and production of the film it would make sense that they would be the most ideal candidates to act in the film as well is quite funny how both characters managed to develop around the same time. It really is a two-man show, the “Patrick and Mark Show”. The “team” involved here are basically the diabolical duo of Patrick and Mark and oh boy of a diabolical!! They’re taking a storyline with so much potential and turned it into some obvious claptrap! I understand it’s their personal Style but the film could have been so much greater if it had been more subtle

Best movie does outline many dangers that we overlook when it comes to picking up work or some other “too good to be true” offer on an online market. But honestly it just seemed SOOOO fake from the beginning I couldn’t imagine anyone getting into or staying in that situation for that amount of time, no matter what was on offer.

Creep (4)I think if you were more inclined to “see the humor” in the situations then you’ll probably get more from the film. Many of the scenarios seem too out of place to be taken seriously. I think it would have been more interesting if the audience was left guessing maybe the odd red Herrings or something to keep the interest would have been better than seeing the ending coming a mile off.

 For me the film just doesn’t work… There are so many good craigslist creepypastas and genuine horror stories that have more substance than this ridiculous flick.

 VERDICT: I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I decided to watch this, after the success from Creep (2014) the British film with the same name I guess I fooled myself into thinking that this would be as creepy but it was pathetic and uncomfortable. For a lot of the movie I wasn’t sure if it was failing at being a comedy or if it was actually being serious!? It appears that it was trying to be serious!! I wanted a horror movie or something creepy as the title suggested but what I got just didn’t gel with me. I wasn’t quite sure what the movie was supposed to be about and the scenes got too long and boring and obscure for my liking. None of the film was all that believable especially the ending. It just felt like a home movie from hell. The film is also boring as hell, it tries to hard to create tension and laughs and fails on all accounts, wait for this analogy… it’s like when a drunk uncle who tried to make a joke at a christmas party but has never been funny in his life and then forgets the punch line, fall over and wets himself. BOOM BOOM.


R 2/10

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