The Walk (2015)



Finally finished watching this and while I was expecting the film to accentuate any fears of heights I might have and to give me some sensations of vertigo, even without seeing it in 3D, it was also quite entertaining, but there were a few moments that it really did make my stomach churn.

It was difficult watching an American  put on a french accent even though it was done to suitably, could no french actor perform this role? Maybe someone who looked a little bit more like Philippe Pettit? I dunno I’m being uber critical. Either way the film is pretty  enjoyable if not a little too long. I can see that it was a massive American Ego Massage about their beloved twin towers and I can imagine that there will be many more homages to the buildings coming out on film soon. I’m starting to feel sorry for the Empire State Building as it used to be the most iconic American building in cinema history and it’s now being overtaken by two buildings that don’t exist anymore.

Overall the film is well acted especially by Ben Kingsley as the grumpy old Papa Rudy, the entire film is beautifully shot, from the warm rustic scenes in the French section of the movie, almost akin to the surreal landscapes of Junet but the re creation of the twin towers in the bustling city it was kinda haunting and from what I know accurate, but what do I know? I doubt anyone would really go through and verify the accuracy.. although there are some amazing photos from the original stunt, and I hope that Philippe had a lot of input into the movie, it has good levels of tension and re creates a sense of passion for the extreme.


Full review coming soon…