Badges of Fury (2013)

badges of fury

Badges of Fury (Martial Arts, Comedy, Action 2013) (PG) D:Wong Tsz-Ming C:Jet Li, Wen Zhang, Michelle Chen, Liu Shishi, Ada Liu 1h 38m. China/Hong Kong

Right I won’t be writing a full review for this because it was awful and I can’t even go there to even detail all of the faults. I don’t really want to talk about it at all because it just makes me angry.

Two troublemaking cops, one a young buck Wang (Zhang Wen) and the other a moody veteran (yeah like always) Huang (Li) are sent to investigate  a string of “mysterious” murders that all lead back to the same ex girlfriend, an aspiring starlet, in order to draw out the killer, one of the cops has to pose as her lover and then movie, crazy antics the end.

It’s so terrible, I hate comedy and this is one of the reasons why. I don’t know if it could ever be resuscitated into being a good film? I saw the trailer on a Donnie Yen film and I didn’t have a fucking clue as to what was going on, basically the trailer is 2 minutes of Jet Li kicking ass in impossible situations and then it flashes up Badges of Fury, that’s it!?? I should have guessed from that half arsed attempt that the movie couldn’t be much better, but you live in hope right, it’s not like Jet Li would make an absolute shit movie right? Well in my opinion he has done just that. The movie tries to save itself by jacking off a bunch of connections like “from the producers of Crouching Tiger” etc etc ..


The slapstick comedy is lame, it’s like when they added “Scrappy Do” or “Godzuki” to any of our beloved cartoon series. and even despite the fighting scenes, that are all enhanced using cheap CG, now it’s obvious that some oriental fighting scenes are enhanced but not in this laurel and hardy way.

Its painful to watch and I pray that there isn’t a sequel.

Nothing gripped me and  I groaned at every scene, for half the film I think even Jet Li has that look on his face that said “kill me now and tell me family I’m sorry”, I know he’s in his 50’s and maybe needs to slow down but I dunno if this is the way to do it? Why do really good actors do this to themselves.

A tragic blend of martial arts and comedy action, this plays out like an episode of Ultimate Muscle.



5B: Jet Li
L : Crap films of 2013


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