The Goob (2015)

Liam Walpole in The Goob


Often credited as being an East Anglian version of Gummo (1997), the Goob is a great story of growing up, falling in love and dealing with all the trials and tribulations of being a young man in rural Norfolk (which isn’t too far from where I live). I guess making this the first ever Norfolk Noir movie…

Goob is a really interesting movie, with some sterling acting from Sean Harris and striking newcomers Liam Walpole who debuts as Goob and Marama Corlett and it’s hard not to see it as a less edgy, coming of age Gummo. Depicting a small knit community of peculiar characters, the Goob, his family and friends all live on the edge of society and are bunch of horny drag race enthusiasts.

The film starts with the Goob being boisterous, on his way home from school for the summer holidays, between stealing and crashing cars, hooking up with friends and many violent altercations with his pseudo perverted step father (Sean Harris)  the Goob manages to find love with a traveler girl.

“Gritty, uncomfortable and electrifying and set in an idyllic landscape, this brave coming of age movie  is dark and adventurous”

Liam Walpole is stunning a Goob, for a debut performance he is truly stunning and I will be surprised if he’s not being flooded with opportunity, but the pivotal character that stands out is Womack (Sean Harris), as well as making the skin crawl his violent tendencies is enough to scare anyone, with some ties with Tyrannosaurus (2011) The Goob is just another classic example of the best of British filmmaking, without massive amounts of CG effects, no guns or space battles, just a solid story with some thought and emotion.

Guy Myhill’s first full length movie is stunning, and there is a lot in the pipeline, and I can’t wait! He seems to have mastered a fresh way of working with new and method actors and with a eye for those deep connections between people and the ability to express these complex layered social ties in a realistic way.


Full review and in depth analysis coming soon…