Anamorph (2007)

Anamorph willem dafoe speedmanquickflick-1.jpg

To basically sum this up, Anamorph is a poor relation to Se7en (1995), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s a huge legacy to try and live up to.  For me it falls short and needlessly so.

Instead of Mills and Somerset we have Stan (Willem Dafoe) and Carl (Scott Speedman), and they are carbon copies. Stan got his promotion after tracking down and killing a prolific serial killer known as Uncle Eddie, but years later some copy cat murders are happening and Stan returns with the help of a new boisterous partner (Speedman) to search for this new killer who is constantly taunting Stan. Uncle Eddies MO is to utilise renaissance artistic equipment to emphasis two images in one, which is known as “Anamorphosis” which should have been the title of the movie.

“A extremely dark and deeply atmospheric thriller”

It’s a interesting movie but doesn’t have a great depth in either characters or style.  Dafoe saves the day with a lot of effort put into his character as he transverses the artistic landscape that it left behind by the stalkerish Uncle Eddie copycat killer who is fixated on him, leaving him presents and stealing his furniture, plaguing him with anagrams and even stalking him about the city he’s protecting.

Sadly it had a buff ending which is a major let down but there is a pretty gripping police story until that point, so it’s not a total loss. It could have done with some refining, but does have some wacky scenes with Peter Stormare who helps out the cop duo with information about historical art techniques.


I’m rating this quite high really trying to ignore the terrible ending it’s still a pretty good film.

Full review, etc to come soon…

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