30 Days of Night (2007)

30 days of night

Based on a cult classic graphic novel of the same name that tells a chilling tale of a small remote town the most northern part of America that experiences an entire month of darkness during the midwinter, but during this particular season it’s prayed the upon by a group of mysterious vampires with the help of a raw meat eating wanna be vampire minion type stranger (Ben Foster) manages to isolate the town and slowly picks off the residents. Even though it’s just another vampire movie I think it has greater engagement due to its original graphic novel background which gives the fantasy, action and drama elements greater depth. as they come from a more obscure origin.

Josh Hartnett as the a good and honest police officer protecting his beloved community came across quite convincing, there is a underlying love story between his character Eben Olseon and his estrange wife Stella (Melissa George) but all the over acting was a little shady and weaker the best acting credit will have to go to all the actors who portrayed me animalistic vampiric beasts especially Neil Tennant look like Marlow (Danny Huston), it was quite interesting to see the vamps act more like a pack of beasts instead of flouncing around like art critics, there are no beauty here, just a powerful blood lust and oh boy to the shed a lot of it.

A lot of work and attention to detail was put into creating this barren Alaskaesque town complete with snow blizzards and filthy vampire monsters I think special effects team have the largest role of making the vampires seemed so different and alien it was great to see that they have their own language (subtitled course), which reminded me of the great efforts that went into Blade II (2002), added CG effects to contort the faces really helped bring the comic to life. And of course it has one of the best decapitation scenes in cinema history.. watch out for that bit.

A blood thirsty vampire flick that portrays a mysterious group of vampire hunting as an unstoppable pack, lots of violence, gore and one of the best decapitation scenes ever.

The vampires arrive on a mysterious ship, and seem to all be victims from all different walks of life, all ages and races, Marlow (Danny Huston.. the neil tennant lookalike) is the alpha male and under his instructions they are to feast on the residents then burn the town to make it look like an accident, A LOT more detail is in the graphic novel as to why this is happening and I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a brilliant read. The people of Barrow are picked off fairly quickly until they make a stand to fight back. There is an impressive sweeping birds eye shot of the show down between the vamps and as people are blasting them with shotgun, little sprays of blood open up on the snow but it’s very vicious and quick, no one really stands a chance. later on when people are hiding there are some tense scenes but the better reward is when the rough and ready Beau Brower (Mark Boone Junior) takes a tractor(?) out for a ride and seriously fucks up a lot of vampires in a delightfyul gory way then blows up some more.

The film was a pleasant surprise, I was incredibly impressed that the look and feel of the graphic novel wasn’t forgotten, and luckily they didn’t try to fit all of it in (yep folks this is just the first volume), the acting was good, the concept and creature and effects are splendid. It’s not the most frightening horror movie, but it gives a few thrills and has great re watchability and it doesn’t faff around with the crappy love story or intro.

Rating 6/10

Full review and other stuff to come…


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