It Follows (2014)

it follows


I managed to totally lose my original post and so here goes again..

I had a request for a movie review, not so strangely from the person who suggested that I did this blog in the first place so here goes, and if you have any requests please let me know in the comments..

It Follows is to Hipster as Donnie Darko was to Emo, There are a lot of trendy elements and the atmosphere is hazy, a lot of the film is filmed at twilight or night which adds to the mysterious atmosphere of this psychological horror.

Jay (Maika Monroe) goes on a date with a jock Hugh (Jake Weary), things go well but after sex, instead of the obligatory ciggy, he knocks her out, ties her up and takes her to an abandoned building, when she awakens tied to a wheelchair, the rules of the film are laid out. He’s given her a sexually transmitted curse and now there will be a “monster” after her, it’s slow but will constantly chase her and can look like anyone. Once this is done the lass is released, her friends gather around and try to protect her. Is it possible that a creature like this exists if it does how do you fight or kill it?

While it’s a good horror concept it plays out heavier on the psychological scale. This creature which is easily described as AIDs personified, can suddenly appear in any guise, so as a viewer you’re constantly trying to spot it’s appearance, kidna like Predator spotting.

The characters are a weak and their bad decisions don’t help especially when the acting might have covered up a few plot holes. The main girl, Jay (Maika Monroe) does look convincing when scared but that’s about where the pluses end. Together with her friends they are just another bucket load of teen victims. Paul (Keir Gilchrist) does stand out as the best actor, he didn’t have to do a lot to outdo the others but I can easily see why he was chosen for Dark Summer (2015),  similarly bizarre supernatural themed teen horror flick.

While watching the film I felt like it was a teen recount of a bad summer holiday, it has a lot of drama, scenes of teens on the beach, teens watching a movie, teens going to the pool. I know if I was in a similar boat I would at the library or on  fucking plane..

A lot of serious attention was paid to atmosphere and colours , it’s very subtle and passive with a dreamy look and feel, until the creature appears then things take sudden change, as this surreal creepy creature enters the scene with a malevolent agenda. As the entity can be anyone it’s scarier because we don’t know anything about what it wants or what it can do, sometimes it can seem over sized and once it appears on the roof as an old man in his underpants, which is a little freaky…

Working as an intellectual thriller and bringing a brand new monster to the Hollywood catalog in a special way. this unique horror has lots of sleepy undertones and runs alongside a message about sexually transmitted diseases. It does fail to be really scary, often forgetting that it’s a horror and having the characters make some really retarded choices, something I thought we’d given up in comedy horrors in the 80’s but the creepiness (for me) only worked when I thought about the theory of the movie afterwards.

A great introduction to a new Hollywood horror creature but doesn’t make enough sense to be scary…

I felt that the movie could have connected itself with a succubus but it’s appreciated that this stands alone as something new and bold and I hope that it does fruit a second movie maybe exploring more aspects of this beast and actually seeing some kills. I think if anything else was to come of this, then we’d probably see more masses of deaths, maybe a prostitute is now passing it around and the creature might get in some melee kills? Or ultimately it will just deliver on the gore front where this film fell quite flat.

Still with it being an actual original idea I have to give this project a “just above average score” a few moments were quite spectacular to watch but the stuff in between was actually quite boring and nonsensical.

Rating 6/10

Full review and post discussion to come


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