Howl (2015) – Quick Flick



I’m a sucker for werewolf movies, most people are into zombie or vampires but I’m all for the dogs with the big balls. So I’ve been very excited about seeing this low budget British Werewolf flick. Dog Soldiers (2002) instantly came to mind before even starting the film and I was so happy to see Sean Pertwee as the train driver. Oh wait I’m skipping details here. Howl is to Dog Soldiers as Train (2008) is to Hostel (2005),  so for a moment if you can just imagine Dog Soldiers on a train and you’ve got Howl and it’s brilliant fun.

A young train conductor with no self stem is the bum job of manning a late train to the middle of nowhere, will with shitty Londoners and a nice old couple among a few others.The train come to a halt in the middle of a spooky forest and the fun begins as the train is stalked by some hairy beasts.

There is a lot of character development and compassion is soon sent flying out the window as it becomes one man from himself vs a group effort but no mercy is shown by the beasts. Who are brilliant. Mostly real actors enhanced by a little CG they make are quite different from the usual werewolves that are forced upon us. Strong and vicious creatures that we only assume are out and about because of the full moon.

The cast are a blend of very ingenious characters, all solid actors in their open rights but never really when it comes to the big screen, but a few jump forwards for being decent actor material. It’s a shame it didn’t get a proper cinema release actually as it might have done well around Halloween.

A lot of good jump scares, some funny and scary scenes and it’s all padded out with gore and intelligent monster creation, there isn’t a lot wrong with this film, the ending is laid on a little thick but it does go out with a bang, I really enjoyed it all the way through and have enjoyed watching it again.


Full Film Review coming soon..