La loi du marché – The measure of a man (2015)


Lai Lou


A marmite movie on a large scale, this film has really divided many audiences, and they either love and adore it, or switch off within minutes.

Thierry (Vincent Lindon) a married factory worker with a charming disabled son (Matthieu Schaller). At the age of 51, he loses his job and after a painful period of unemployment he eventually lands a new job as a security guard in a supermarket. He tries to make ends meet in this difficult situation.

I had to admit it, the film is in fact very slow, technically the story could be played out in a few minutes and at times it does feel like it’s dragging but it’s these situations which do accurately depict life and maybe scenarios that none of us have had to deal with that makes the film almost charming. Continue reading La loi du marché – The measure of a man (2015)