She’s Lost Control (2014)

shes lost controlquickflick-1.jpg

I picked this up due to the Joy Division connection, and it turned out be quite a dark and unusual film. A sexual surrogate (Brooke Bloom) starts developing feeling for a new generally unresponsive and moody as fuck client. Ronah (Bloom) is a pretty fragile character, on screen she looks like a mouse, she’s so minute, she gets the rough end of everything while you can see in her heart she just wants to help. Sadly the giant disgruntled hipster that she’s trying to help is a douchebag, the guy would be perfect at poker as he has this resting poker face and is totally unresponsive.

But… she seems to fall for the guy, this amazing challenge for her. During the movie she seeks a lot of advice and has many personal problems to overcome, her mother goes missing and her washing machine leaks through to her neighbours and she ends up getting sued by the landlord, her life is a messy and on the edge, but she’s struggles through.

A fairly quiet movie, but it has a little bit of spice that escalates quickly into something unforgettable near the end. I really did enjoy the film despite it’s easy pace, the characters and situations are alike a dark drama inspired by Coen Brothers on downers.

This unusual drama details a lot of awkward emotions and situations …

The film start off quiet and slow, but once the grizzly client Johnny (Marc Menchaca) has started to respond to the sexual therapy and certain other personal advances, then things kick off in a rapid and ugly manner, leading up to an explosive ending. Even with a small cast, the film is still robust and there is also a lot of emphasis on egg freezing but I’ll go into that in the Post Discussion.


Full review to follow…

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