No Country For Old Men (2007)

no country for old men


It’s going to be hard for me to sum this up in a quick review as I so very often prattle on about this movie and I’ve watched it on so many occasions that I can recite the entire script without much help, heck I can even do the accents.

Another Coen movie that I can’t pinpoint exactly why I find it so amazing, it might just be due to… everything!?  It’s a crazy revenge/chase/psycho thrilling style of movie. The movie stars a lot of familiar faces, and unlike other movies with a cast this size, the Coens manage to not only make people act their very best, they also make them so humble, that no one is really going to pot shot and are just equally all amazing.A Texas welder and veteran Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) stumbles upon some drugs money after his find the remains of a deal gone very wrong, soon realising that someone might be out looking for the millions he packs his wife away and goes on the run. The psycho chasing  his Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) who is an infamous tracker and dirty deal kinda guy who is ruthless and extremely dangerous. That’s the very basics, trust me there are many underlying themes and more complicated aspects.. not something very unusual for the Coen’s as they covered similar stories in Blood Simple (1984).

The cast is perfect, most of them apart from Bardem and Kelly MacDonald (who plays Carla Jean Moss, Llewellyn’s wife) are from the local area, and it plays in the favour of making him such a outside character, he looks different, all dressed in black (check out those croc boots), a different accent, and an entirely different moral system to the rest of society, he carries a shotgun with silencer and kills with a cattle gun or literally anything that he can lay his hands on, extremely intelligent and crafty as a witch, talk about a stranger coming to town, he’s literally a living Terminator and has one spin off character Stellios Kontos in Family Guy, but I have to burst the bubble and announce that there is one character scarier than him… but I’ll name them in the Post Discussion I don’t want to ruin anything.

A truly remarkable cat and mouse chase, one man bound by money the other bound by a twisted hand of fate that only he understands.

The desert scenes expansive and go on forever and it’s hard not to get lost in the characters and the bizarre situations they find themselves in, there is a heavy dose of Coen Curiosity, however the movie is constructed so well and influences of a dark western and film noir, it has all of the gritty personality of 3:10 to Yuma (1957) along with a similar tangled chase as Out of the past (1947).

Over all in this dark western is both sinister and somber, it has this slowness about it, even during the gunfights and explosions, you get a sense of a southern hot and relaxed  Brolin is the best natural tough guy hero against, a stony horrific emotionless hitman. Woody turns up as a show boater trying to track down Anton and Tommy Lee Jones steps in to enforce some justice in a world that he’s grip on.

Rating 9/10

Full review and other bits to come…

no county for old men


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