Creep (2004)

Creep Portenta


A bloody and thrilling slasher flick, Creep, as the name suggests tries to play on a lot of those fears that we have very little control over and through some amazing method acting it picks at the psyche to creep us out.

A wannabe fashionista, Kate (Franka Potente) who’s out to make a name for herself discovers some local knowledge and head out to meet George Clooney at a party in  London, she drops off in the underground, when she awakes, in this new world where homeless and serial killer infest the tunnels,  Kate is soon running and fighting for her life as she attempts to escape. Somewhere down in the old archives and miles of unused tunnels below London there is a lot more going on which revolves around a peculiar malformed creature known as Craig. a forgotten left over from a secret science project. Continue reading Creep (2004)