Creep (2004)

Creep Portenta


A bloody and thrilling slasher flick, Creep, as the name suggests tries to play on a lot of those fears that we have very little control over and through some amazing method acting it picks at the psyche to creep us out.

A wannabe fashionista, Kate (Franka Potente) who’s out to make a name for herself discovers some local knowledge and head out to meet George Clooney at a party in  London, she drops off in the underground, when she awakes, in this new world where homeless and serial killer infest the tunnels,  Kate is soon running and fighting for her life as she attempts to escape. Somewhere down in the old archives and miles of unused tunnels below London there is a lot more going on which revolves around a peculiar malformed creature known as Craig. a forgotten left over from a secret science project.

The film is a icky and grot filled from beginning to end, along with the main story there is also a mini side story which feeds in that features George (Vas Blackwood) as a newby inspector for the waste system, so there are very many nasty scenes to be had there. Craig’s identity was kept secret when the film was first released but, it’s been a while now the method acting of Sean Harris is quite well known and he’s easily recognisable.

While the movie take a bit of work to get going and could be criticized for having too much drama in between kills it still works. Franka wouldn’t really be my first choice as the main actress, but the movie is held together by some local brits and a lot of the fear and jump reactions are quite real as Harris kept himself from the crew and his scenes were carefully prepared and kept secret from the crew to keep the reactions very real.

Taking inspiration from the cannibal on the tube movice Death Line (1972) and seemingly other backwoods horrors like Wrong Turn (2003). First time director/writer ??Smith has a knack for displaying some very unsettling moments and gets a lot of mileage from Potente as she’s covers a lot of neglected tunnels. There does seem to be a lot of “horror additions” including swarms of rats and a few characters only added in for the blood lust. What really makes the film amazing for me is the real fear involved, Harris is an amazing method actor and kept away from the cast, who were given as little information about his scenes as possible, and these scenes are magical to really horror fans as you see genuine fear in the faces of these actors. Craig’s character is one of the best of all time, despite being mostly silent(apart from some animalistic noises he creates, check out the details in the “Abortion” scene…

Rating 7/10

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