RollerBall (1975)


A poignant dystopian science fiction drama based around a vicious game called Rollerball (if you didn’t guess already). The danger isn’t reserved for the killer game, the world is an oppressed, cold and calculated place controlled by giant corporations in this mindless future.

Jonathan E (James Caan) is the premier Rollerball superstar who has outgrown his usefulness, the corporation that pretty much owns him, and the one who runs this game have plans and their star boy is too rebellious to play along. These big brother networks  control the smallest things and even go as far as summaring books and controlling all knowledge, history and trade women around as
furniture as the chicks were getting passed around in  
Soylent Green (1973) or Logan’s Run (1976) and  Nineteen Eighty Four (1984). The more they want him out of the game the harder he fights to stay in it. Continue reading RollerBall (1975)